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Is it necessary to build a website for your business?

June 21, 2018

The answer is “YES“! Building a website for your business is definitely essential!

The tougher the competition in your industry become, the more creative you must be to make your brand shine brighter than others, and building an awesome site is one of the most effective ways. Whether your business is big or small – size does not matter. A professional website always proves to be an effective way to promote your products to a massive audience.

If you are still considering, let’s read this article as we are going to tell you 5 reasons why your business can not survive without your own site

Let customers know who you are

How can you persuade your customers to trust and buy your products/services if they don’t know the detail of your company? Having an active website helps connecting to customers become easier as the transparency of information about your company such as email, address, field of business, partners,… will be engraved into their mind. This might include some basic question like your production process, customer testimonials, your portfolio and more… The more detail you show off, the deeper customer understand you

Attract new customers

Visitors not only come to a website for buying things or discovering any company, they also look for helpful and reliable information. Having a good look is not enough, a high quality blog post on website is necessary as it provides readers everything they are impressed with. By sharing your opinion and posts regarding specific fields or interest such as Marketing, SEO, Fashion, Technology news, eSport,…you can attract a large number of potential customers who are interested in your websites, encourage them to visit everyday then make them become loyal customers

Tell customers you are still available

Nowadays, customers are surrounded in a maze of countless different brands and enterprises. Such situation is obviously difficult for new customers to arrive at your business, just as the same for current customers to stay. An announcement of your presence on the market will be much more impressive and effective with a unique and regularly updated website

Save time and money

Building a website on your own is not as expensive as you think, actually, it helps you save more money than traditional marketing such as TV, radio, newspaper,…


IT Department is not needeed, instead, WordPress – based website is enough to serve you at reasonable budget. Only $200 – $800/year, you are able to take control of your effective media channel, get support from WordPress theme provider and will even have access to as many as desirable themes and other features. Further, coding knowledge is not required so you can get used to it quickly and easily

Global marketing

Thanks to the internet, you are able to approach potential customers from every corner of the globe more easily, spend less money on researching their habits and needs before launching a suitable marketing strategy. Your brand image will gain great credibility and reputation by having international visitors to your website everyday, which in turn will also improve our position on Google research ranking

You can start owning an unique website for your business now! Do you have any idea? Please visit our site for more interesting knowledge!




WordPress Themes

5 Best video streaming WordPress themes for the World Cup season

June 8, 2018

Spoiler: There’s a huge surprise at the end of this post

FIFA World Cup 2018 – the biggest football tournament of the year is just around the corner.  Do you start planning your summer to enjoy the watches and support your favorite team? As a football lover, we understand that most of us not only want to enjoy the World Cup season fully but also thinking about making profit from FIFA 2018 release. If you can’t be able a food vender outside the stadium or a ticket agency, then be the owner of sport streaming site

In this article, we are going to offer you some incredible video streaming WordPresss theme which may helpful for building your site. With this kind of site, you can be able to:

  • Open a community for those who is keens on football/sports
  • Become a soccer tipster prediction
  • Be a football/sport vlogger
  • Make profit online. Even you may have chance to meet your favorite team in real life

Video Pro – best video streaming WordPress theme 2018

Video Pro, which was built upon the famous True Mag theme by Cactusthemes, is a powerful WordPress theme for video – based website. With ton of incredible features, Video Pro allows user to:

  • Build their awesome – looking site
  • Manage effectively many kinds of contents (graphic, photos, video,…)
  • Publish astonishing and clickbait videos

In addition, there are lots of new features which only supported by Video Pro, such as: 

  • Video Network supported: Helps user save time on downloading clips then re-upload on website
  • Submit Video button: allows target audiences to share interesting videos and create a community for people who have the same hobbies
  • Live video: visitor/member can be able to leave comment and discuss while watching live video
  • A list of useful shortcodes that make your site unique

If you are still considering this kind of video streaming WordPress theme, here is a showcase of customer’s site based on Video Pro 

  1. Bebespontocomes – A place for wine, gastronomy and traveling lovers
  2. Electronic Dance – Everything is in the site name
  3. DeejayUniverse – Show the world your mixtape, why not?
  4. Darts Planet – A home of darts
  5. Anime Toast – A pleace for anime-holic


Vlog strongly focus on videography. It is a perfect choice for those who is in need of a site for video – blogging, video tutorial or even video streaming. Additionally, you can make profit with your site only by placing banner ads on your homepage. Everything can be done easily with Vlog!


VideoVip is another hand – crafted theme by Cactusthemes, one of only few Power Elite Author on Envato on the main purpose of supporting strongly live streamers. The package of VideoVip has everything you need for your site! No payment for other premium plugins, no complicated homepage, no shortcodes required.

Just a page template to import your content. Simple, easy, friendly – user but still makes your visitors love you at first sight. Enjoy the demo then you will understand why other customers love this theme! We highly recommend you this theme as it was made only for video streaming

Event Live Streaming

Yes, the theme’s name has shown you everything. Not difficult for beginner to get used to and still offer a plenty of reasonable level of optimization. If you are new in WordPress and still struggling building your site step – by – step, this might be a good choice

Video Streaming 

Want a video streaming WordPress theme at low price? Hm…there is an option for you.  No more than 20$, this theme supports you to build a site with basic feature such as Homepage, listing, video detail,…However, if you expect your site look incredibly unique and rich – feature, Video Streaming can’t help

So, after spending time searching, do you have your own decision? 

Because you have read to the end so we have a present for you! To help you enjoy World Cup fully and support your favorite team, we are going to hold 3 football prediction competitions with lots of interesting and high valuable give-away, only this World Cup season. Please visit this post to know more!



Best Deals

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prediction Contest

June 7, 2018

UPDATE: The game is opened. You are able to join now by visiting this page. Only 3 minutes and our giveaways are yours!

As the FIFA World Cup 2018 is about to kick off, we are excited to create a competition where the aim is to predict football results.

How to join our game

Follow our Facebook Fanpage for update!

  • The game will start on the 13th of June until June, 20th, only by filling your short answer in our form. Besides, we are going to offer our beloved customers a big big deal, only this World Cup season! Please follow up on our Facebook Fanpage or on Envato!

Please keep in mind:

  • Take notice to this topic as we will update news and our topic link there to let you know when and how to join our competition
  • The game will start from 13th June until 20th June


  1. Popup Plugin for WordPress – Layered Popups – 2 licences (worth $21 each)
  2. MemberPress license 1 year (worth $129)

Start planning your summer now for this biggest football match of the year! We really do hope to have chances to give your our presents!


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Best WordPress theme for education institute 2018

May 29, 2018

If you are running an education business and want customers to stay loyal to you, you definitely need to have an excellent website which makes them love at first sight and decide to choose your service.

DO NOT GO ANYWHERE! This is our special offer for your institute: Unidash – the most powerful WordPress theme for education institute in 2018. With ton of impressive and responsive features, Unidash is not only going to meet your satisfaction but also makes your customers love you!

What is Unidash Wordpress theme?


Unidash is the newest WordPress theme for education of Cactusthemes, one of the only few Power Elite Author from Themeforest. It was released in 2018 based on the need of educational institutes:

  • To have an own outstanding website which can be used to grow their business rapidly and accomplish marketing strategies effectively
  • Creating a friendly place where customers are able to find an online/offline course themselves easily.
  • To improve company’s brand image and credibility

You are going to love Unidash because:

  • This robust theme contains an unlimited color with 12 pre-defined schemas
  • Hundreds of configurable setting allow for 100% responsive layout to be displayed perfectly
  • Unidash is perfectly suitable for showcasing online/offline course, university, training center and promotional service websites
  • Fully trained staffs are 24/7 available for supporting
  • We offer 100% refund. Read Refund policy
  • Finally, the most significant reason is: Unidash is user – friendly even without coding knowledge. IT Department is not necessary, all you need is just a computer with internet access

What’s new on Unidash?

By choosing Unidash, you are able to customize your own site for promoting Academic centers or Online courses or even both of them. The site installed this robust theme would have a stunning and responsive design that enables your eager students access the content on many kinds of device at highest quality.  With free support of Cactus staffs and well document included, you could easily create your website step-by-step from scratch

Support 2 most powerful LMS plugins

Unidash support 2 most common and powerful LMS (Learning Management System): LearnDash and LearnPress. This 2 plugins helps you to organize e-learning content, expand online course, increase course sales and provide flexibility for students to enroll as well

Multi-purpose usage

Unidash can be applied for:

  • Course bundle/program
  • Course professor/speaker
  • University Departments which are in need of creating/changing an excellent website to showcase their good service and credibility
  • University campus: to create and inform students latest events

One – click demo install

You want to have an eye-catching site but do not know where to start first and how to decor? Don’t worry! Unidash support one – click demo install function which allows you to visualize your data using different theme style before making the final decision. We give you lots of choices depend on your need: University Club, University Event, Course Hub,… Futher, multiple options of E-learning lesson layouts are built just for you and help you keep your own site unusual and fascinating

Besides, Unidash contains a list of free (yes, it’s totally free) additional plugins help each of theme style work well

Some of Unidash theme styles


Incredible shortcodes

We provide you a list of useful shortcodes:

  • 5 course shortcodes: promote your course following a specific criteria, for example: latest courses, popular courses,…
  • 5 event listing: create your event and display on website with different layouts and function. Specially, we offer Events Countdown widget that allows users keep their eyes on your upcoming campaigns
  • 5 header layouts
  • 2 member shortcodes: expand your member community and improve customers relation activities by having a friendly register page
  • 2 contact form: publish fully your information so as connecting with customer would be much easier
  • 5 blog styles: increaser your site traffic by building your own blog with interesting content and awesome – looking


Unidash 5 course shortcodes demo


Save 45$ and make profit only by selecting Unidash


With Unidash, you can save 45$ buying WPBakery Page Builder and still are able to create stunning site content and experience this awesome plugin as it is included  in our package. Additionally, the 3 million-insallation-Ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce, is always ready to help you increase profit. With WooCommerce, you can sell everything you have in all shapes and sizes, ship oversea, handle purchase orders, keep your customers stay loyal and so on

We understand that good contents and good – looking layout are not enough, that’s why Google Font, Font Awesome and Ion Icons are included as well. With ton of beautiful fonts and icons, your site will be completely unique and attractive to your customers at first sight

In conclusion

If you are considering a best option for a website and need an incredible WordPress theme for education, Unidash must be the best choice for you. We do not sell products, we sell convenience, good experiences and supportive, satisfied and comfortable feelings. Becoming our clients, you deserve good deals everyday which no one could offer you that much.


We are offering our first 100 customers a 50% off. With only 31$, you got Unidash in hands. Our new customers are increasing everyday which means you will lose this opportunity if you don’t make decision quickly. Hurry up! 31$ or 62$, it’s your choice.

You are ready? Let’s go!