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December 29, 2017

As team author of CactusThemes – provider of 3 well-known Video Themes: VideoPro, TrueMag, and NewsTube, we received numerous questions about what’s plugin to bulk import videos to the themes and its features. Today, we summarize both Pros & Cons of 3 popular plugins with some reviews especially regard to videos import. Hopefully, it will help you make a good choice. Here we go!

1. WordPress Automatic plugin – 25$

This powerful plugin offers you the widest range of content sources to import data: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In my opinion, the key feature of the plugin is it imports content by campaigns. Let’s imagine, you have a plan to import YouTube videos, another for Facebook posts, and they both work automatically to fetch content into your site. That’s why the author calls it auto-pilot plugin

Download link            Document                  Video tutorial


  • Support to import data from 19 content-sharing networks
  • Quick & easily manage your import plans via campaigns
  • A lot of options to import video: by Channel, Playlist, single or multiple videos import by IDs.
  • Can fetch many YouTube statistics: Views, Likes, Dislikes, Comments counts
  • Import YouTube tags, comments without add-on – really a plus point


  • Old-fashion plugin interface possibly makes you feel bored while using
  • Its document is just the explanation of the plugin options. There was lack of examples and demos.
  • Some advanced options such as Add custom fields to the post requires technical knowledge to handle


An effective plugin at a reasonable price for all but it’s strongly recommended for experienced WordPress users.

2.     WordPress Video Robot plugin – 36$

Download link            Document                  Video tutorial


  • Rich sources of reference materials including document and video tutorials for beginners
  • The plugin author even build demo for VideoPro, TrueMag, NewsTube themes with tutorials
  • Modern & catchy plugin interface which options explanations & illustrations
  • Once installed, the plugin auto fills the Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion API keys for users.
  • Responsive support team for plugin fixes bugs and usage


  • You have to install theme-fix add-on to make the plugin work with your theme.
  • Plugin options and settings are scattered in various sections may confuse users at the beginning
  • Work really slow compare to the other plugins.
  • Technically, if you import video follow the default WordPress video post format, the plugin adds many custom fields to the post data which reduce processing speed.
  • In case, you import video using the custom WPVR post type, it may cause some compatibility issues with the theme.
  • You have to buy premium add-ons for more functionalities. For example, it costs 19,9$ to get Comment Importer add-on while WordPress automatic plugin supplies a built-in option to import comments from YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Currently, the plugin doesn’t support to fetch data of likes, dislikes, comments count from YouTube but the author planned to make it work in the next release. (So I will delete this point afterward :D)


It’s now a recent trending plugin with friendly interface. Although we don’t appreciate the of the plugin stability at this time, the plugin developers actively update to improve plugin functions.

3.     YouTube WordPress plugin – 36$

Download link            Document                  Video tutorial


  • Fast and straight-forward to operate
  • Support to import videos by ID, Channel, user uploads or playlists.
  • Synchronize your YouTube channels with your WordPress site.
  • You can select any number of videos from YouTube when doing bulk import
  • Can be customized to fill any custom fields needed to display your videos


  • Support only one video source: YouTube
  • It seems to be a quite pricey plugin for import content


Set at a dear price, however, this plugin only helps you to import video from Youtube network. Probably, the advantages of the plugin are its speed & convenience and the ability to synchronizing videos from your YouTube channel.

The bottom line

Within this blog post, maybe, we didn’t completely cover all the advantages and limitations of these plugins. By our hands-on experience, we use WP Automatic for two main reasons: speed and performance. How about you? Have you found the one that suits you best? Please feel free to share your thought and ideas.

CactusThemes Users

Video WordPress theme – VideoPro’s users of the month 3.2017

March 24, 2017

 VideoPro – Video WordPress theme Show Case

Thank you guys who have trusted and followed our product VideoPro since it was released.

It’s so impressed and excited to see the way our customers used this magical wordpress theme. They all have artistic eyes to design these beautifull and unique sites based on VideoPro.

That’s the great motivation for us to make better and better products.

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videopro usecase 1

Planet Cover is the first social platform and online community that specializes in finding the new talents to facilitate collaboration of the artists and provides them training resources.


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Movies4us is an online service provider: Watch Free Online Moves Without downloading Them , HD TV Series Free Watch Arrow, Watch The Flash Online, Watch Latest Movies Free Online HD


videopro usecase 2

Content on is streamed via video-sharing directly from Youtube or Vimeo or other third-party streaming services. Wowtrending does not host any materials or videos.
All materials, videos and content remain their respective owners copyright.


videopro usecase 3

Youlive is a useful forum to share content created by citizens.

It’s time we strong realize that the city of San Severo need a technical assistance of this type to convey information and alarms are going to get lost on the larger society.


videopro usecase 4


videopro usecase 5

FlickBuzz is an online platform showcasing the latest video content.  Our focus is Movies, TV Shows and behind the scenes footage clips.  We will be expanding into new categories as we grow.  Most of our content is user submitted and all copyrighted material is owned and protected by their own copyrights.


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Soulcentraltv is the leading Global Music Video Hub, Soul, Hip Hop RnB, Rap, Latin, AfroBeats, Reggae, Soca ,Old Skool, New Opportunities for Artists and Professionals Worldwide.


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Axtionshot is video-sharing website that will not tell you no! Your videos are protected and will not be threatened.


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Welcome to the Fishi website, where you will find a wide variety of funny videos, children’s content, rare documentation and much more.This site was developed and built while taking into consideration your need – surfers. Therefore, the design of the site is minimalist and clean in order to reduce the difficulty and time to search for the content you want to watch.


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From Architecture to Medicine – Faculti quickly and accurately delivers research – based, trusted insights that help viewers improve their studies and further their careers.


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Our story is really the story of the people involved in Kooperativa 2.0, with different passions, with different experiences, with different views but with the same desire, to make things work together. We intend to contribute to building the world’s 2.0 a relaxed manner, playful but also very serious in terms of results delivered.


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