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Best WordPress theme for education institute 2018

May 29, 2018

If you are running an education business and want customers to stay loyal to you, you definitely need to have an excellent website which makes them love at first sight and decide to choose your service.

DO NOT GO ANYWHERE! This is our special offer for your institute: Unidash – the most powerful WordPress theme for education institute in 2018. With ton of impressive and responsive features, Unidash is not only going to meet your satisfaction but also makes your customers love you!

What is Unidash Wordpress theme?


Unidash is the newest WordPress theme for education of Cactusthemes, one of the only few Power Elite Author from Themeforest. It was released in 2018 based on the need of educational institutes:

  • To have an own outstanding website which can be used to grow their business rapidly and accomplish marketing strategies effectively
  • Creating a friendly place where customers are able to find an online/offline course themselves easily.
  • To improve company’s brand image and credibility

You are going to love Unidash because:

  • This robust theme contains an unlimited color with 12 pre-defined schemas
  • Hundreds of configurable setting allow for 100% responsive layout to be displayed perfectly
  • Unidash is perfectly suitable for showcasing online/offline course, university, training center and promotional service websites
  • Fully trained staffs are 24/7 available for supporting
  • We offer 100% refund. Read Refund policy
  • Finally, the most significant reason is: Unidash is user – friendly even without coding knowledge. IT Department is not necessary, all you need is just a computer with internet access

What’s new on Unidash?

By choosing Unidash, you are able to customize your own site for promoting Academic centers or Online courses or even both of them. The site installed this robust theme would have a stunning and responsive design that enables your eager students access the content on many kinds of device at highest quality.  With free support of Cactus staffs and well document included, you could easily create your website step-by-step from scratch

Support 2 most powerful LMS plugins

Unidash support 2 most common and powerful LMS (Learning Management System): LearnDash and LearnPress. This 2 plugins helps you to organize e-learning content, expand online course, increase course sales and provide flexibility for students to enroll as well

Multi-purpose usage

Unidash can be applied for:

  • Course bundle/program
  • Course professor/speaker
  • University Departments which are in need of creating/changing an excellent website to showcase their good service and credibility
  • University campus: to create and inform students latest events

One – click demo install

You want to have an eye-catching site but do not know where to start first and how to decor? Don’t worry! Unidash support one – click demo install function which allows you to visualize your data using different theme style before making the final decision. We give you lots of choices depend on your need: University Club, University Event, Course Hub,… Futher, multiple options of E-learning lesson layouts are built just for you and help you keep your own site unusual and fascinating

Besides, Unidash contains a list of free (yes, it’s totally free) additional plugins help each of theme style work well

Some of Unidash theme styles


Incredible shortcodes

We provide you a list of useful shortcodes:

  • 5 course shortcodes: promote your course following a specific criteria, for example: latest courses, popular courses,…
  • 5 event listing: create your event and display on website with different layouts and function. Specially, we offer Events Countdown widget that allows users keep their eyes on your upcoming campaigns
  • 5 header layouts
  • 2 member shortcodes: expand your member community and improve customers relation activities by having a friendly register page
  • 2 contact form: publish fully your information so as connecting with customer would be much easier
  • 5 blog styles: increaser your site traffic by building your own blog with interesting content and awesome – looking


Unidash 5 course shortcodes demo


Save 45$ and make profit only by selecting Unidash


With Unidash, you can save 45$ buying WPBakery Page Builder and still are able to create stunning site content and experience this awesome plugin as it is included  in our package. Additionally, the 3 million-insallation-Ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce, is always ready to help you increase profit. With WooCommerce, you can sell everything you have in all shapes and sizes, ship oversea, handle purchase orders, keep your customers stay loyal and so on

We understand that good contents and good – looking layout are not enough, that’s why Google Font, Font Awesome and Ion Icons are included as well. With ton of beautiful fonts and icons, your site will be completely unique and attractive to your customers at first sight

In conclusion

If you are considering a best option for a website and need an incredible WordPress theme for education, Unidash must be the best choice for you. We do not sell products, we sell convenience, good experiences and supportive, satisfied and comfortable feelings. Becoming our clients, you deserve good deals everyday which no one could offer you that much.


We are offering our first 100 customers a 50% off. With only 31$, you got Unidash in hands. Our new customers are increasing everyday which means you will lose this opportunity if you don’t make decision quickly. Hurry up! 31$ or 62$, it’s your choice.

You are ready? Let’s go! 


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Best education WordPress themes & Checklist for building a school site

October 7, 2015

You think about building a self-host WordPress site for your training center and want to create a checklist for it. You find out that there are a lot of things to do but do not know where you should start. You may wonder: “What should I consider?” or “How to choose a theme among the best education WordPress themes?”

In this article, we will show you the most important things you need to think about when you are planning to build a WordPress education website or renew an old one. Also, we will suggest some best responsive education WordPress themes which are used by many schools.

1. Form and Content

A website is a communication gate, like a school guide, e-mail, a letter, a poster, etc., which identify the school. Therefore, it is important to adjust both the content and form, in the culture and identity of your school.

When you develop an identity for the school, always ask for work files or vector files of your logo and other branding files. If you build a website, these files are needed.

Remember to think about what content should be on your website:

  • General information such as contact information, mission, vision and educational concepts
  • Impressive school photos, videos and text, current data such as calendar and news
  • Documents such as school guide and newsletters

And what’s more?

  • Is there a communications handbook which could be used as an auxiliary guide?

Also, when you understand what content should be on the site, you can start to make a list of best education WordPress themes whose design may highlight the content.

2. Purpose and Function of the school website

best education WordPress themes 1

Before you define the functionality of the school site, it is important to ask yourself the question: What do we want to achieve with your website?

A school site has more than one function:

  • Recruit students
  • Communicate with parents, students, colleagues and other schools through the interactive features of this website
  • Access to available material to facilitate homework

And much more…

Determining purpose and function of the site is very important since it decides which features your theme need to have. This helps you complete your list of best education WordPress themes.

3. Security and Privacy

Be cautious and careful when posting photos on the website. Not all parents are happy when they find pictures of their children online. Many schools ask for agreement in their registration form.

You can choose to make a selection of photos that are publicly supporting the presentation of the school. The other photographs may be shielded so that only parents and teachers can see them by using a password.

Are there other areas of the website that you want to make available to colleagues or parents of students?

4. Target audience

best education WordPress themes 2

Who is this site for?

Of course, parents of potential new students will first contact with your school via the site, so be sure that the website gives a good picture of the school and invites them to come.

Consider also the current parents; they can simply stay up to date on the developments of the school. This facilitates the involvement of students. So remember to involve them in the content and ensure that they can be proud of their school website. Your students are the most important ambassadors of your school.

5. Cost

What budget do you have for a website? Now and in a year?

WordPress itself is free; and it comes with a lot of free themes and plugins. However, when building professional school sites you will need to use the best education WordPress themes among premium WordPress themes. This is worth investing in since a website is more than just a recruitment tool, maybe you can cut costs on other communication channels (such as newsletters, school guides, letters) by making them digitally via the website or email.

A website is not a one-time investment, keep in mind that the website should be maintained. It is better if you can hire a developer to manage and keep your website safe and updated.

In short, plan a budget for the following things:

  • Website building: Domain, hosting, premium WordPress themes and plugins, etc.
  • Website management
  • Site maintenance

6. Management/Editorial

Make sure that you manage the website through a so-called system. View this critically before you build the website. It is important that the website is easy to manage itself. This avoids additional external support costs and prevents the contents from being tracked.

  • Who is primarily responsible for keeping the website?
  • Who will take care of the content of the website? An editorial team, and every teacher, perhaps students can also make a contribution?

Make the website part of the permanent communication. For example, always place the newsletter on the website.

7. Technical maintenance

best education WordPress themes 3

Most of premium plugins and the best education WordPress themes offer professional technical support. However, you should take a deep look at them to ensure that technical maintenance remains affordable and is carried out by trusted partners.

Avoid being too dependent on the developer you hire. WordPress is an open source, so you can always enable another partner to take over the maintenance of the website, or make technical adjustments.

8. Other interesting questions

  • Do you need a site with social networks such as Twitter, or Facebook? It is a fact that everybody increasingly uses them, be aware of that. See if you can make use of them.
  • Remember that websites are increasingly being viewed on mobile devices. So, how can you take this into account and make use of it?
  • If you are building a site network, do you want to buy some best WordPress themes for online education or just purchase one item?

best education wordpress themes

List of some best education WordPress themes

  • University – Education, Event and Course Theme
  • Academy – Learning Management Theme
  • Clever Course – One of the best education WordPress themes for online courses
  • LMS | Responsive Learning Management System
  • Kids Zone | Responsive Children Theme

Above are some of the best responsive education WordPress themes for your preference. You can purchase it on ThemeForest with only $59 for each item.

Hope you will have a perfect school site!

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LearnDash – A Plugin Compatible with Best Education WordPress Themes

September 22, 2015

WordPress users who own educational sites are all familiar with LearnDash, a plugin that best education WordPress themes usually support. Now, with LearnDash, you can create learning management system for your own as it provide perfect and complete solution for online courses. At the end of this article, we also mention about another powerful plugin for your preference.

LEARNDASH – LMS plugin compatible with best education WordPress themes

best education wordpress themes 1

This plugin lets you use any medium to create and deliver your courses. The platform is sale integrated. It includes forums that can be private or public, and also specific course. You can set preconditions and multilevel classes. It has lesson timers, advanced quizzes, group management, multisite, and tons more. It is sensitive and works with any theme in general and any best WordPress themes for online education in particular

It is a demonstration site where you can see what lessons might look like. The structure of the lesson is smooth and easy to navigate. You can see the contents of the course, take the game, and see your achievements. You can define simple or complex hierarchical structure for the courses, and it will label them as complete before allowing students to continue in the course.

This is a premium plugin. The basic package is $99 and includes an unlimited license with 1-year support. The complete package is $129 and adds the pro panel.

GOOD LMS – Learning Management System WordPress Plugin

best education wordpress themes 2

This is a learning management system and complete course delivery. It has a great appearance and many helpful options to create courses and quiz. The plugin also allows site owners to put a rating system in each course so students can evaluate this one.

The courses show a progress bar so that students know their current position in the course. The course itself may be a mixture of text and video. As the students go through the pages, progress will change to follow.

At the end of the course, the students can take a timed quiz, which can be a combination of multiple choice and written. There is a system of certificates and badges so you can choose the type of recipient students receive at the end of the course. You can see this feature in the plugin demo.

There are several different payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, Paymill,, bank transfer, etc. You can even have on-site courses and just use the system as a secure means of payment and monitoring. The plugin also have commission rate for instructors.

The plugin costs $30 for use on a single site.

In short, whatever type of school site you choose to build, whether it is an information site or a full online school, WordPress has the best education WordPress themes and tools to make them work and look great. You can add courses to your site, create comprehensive school structure navigation, or create a site with information about the school.

Your turn! Have you created a school website with WordPress? Have you used the plugins compatible with best education WordPress themes that this article mentions here? Or have we missed your favorite? We would like to hear about it in the comments below!

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Best education WordPress themes for kindergartens and primary schools

August 26, 2015

It is the fact that self-hosted WordPress is more and more popular in education. Not only universities and colleges but also kindergartens and primary schools have the demand for creating their own website.

However, some education institutions don’t want to hire a developer to help them build their WordPress site. In that case, an education WordPress theme will be a good choice since it allows users to configure and customize their website even without any coding knowledge. And this article will introduce you best education WordPress themes which are suitable with kindergartens and primary schools’ websites.

Best education WordPress themes for content related to kids

1. Baby Kids

Baby Kids is a beautiful education WordPress theme suitable for elementary, primary schools, kindergartens and educational activities related to children.

best education wordpress themes

Key Features

  • Visual Composer Ready
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Revolution Slider Included
  • WooCommerce Support
  • WPML Multilingual Support
  • Gravity Form Support
  • Time Table for WP Ready
  • School Dedicated Pages
  • Typography Options
  • Forum Support

2. Caresland Lite

Caresland Lite is one of the free and best education WordPress themes designed for kindergartens and other websites related to activities with children.

best education wordpress themes

Key Features

  • Clean & Validated Code
  • Responsive Design
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Localization
  • Theme Options Panel

3. PeachClub

This responsive WordPress education theme is appropriate for child care centers, kindergartens and preschools.

best education wordpress themes

Key Features

  • Unlimited Colors
  • 650+ Google Fonts
  • Manage Members
  • Manage Classes
  • Manage Time Table
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Drag – Drop Page Builder
  • WPML Included
  • Revolution Slider Ready
  • Advanced SEO Options
  • 1-Click Demo Install
  • Super Support

4. Kindergarten

This is a free WordPress theme for preschool, nursery, child care center and small businesses.

best education wordpress themes

Key Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Widgets
  • Drop-Down Menus
  • Javascript Slideshow

5. Education Center

Education Center is one of the best education WordPress themes for schools, trainings and courses. It focuses on typography with colorful and responsive design.

best education wordpress themes

Key Features

  • Built with CSS3 and HTML5
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: IE9+, FireFox, Chrome and Safari
  • Child Theme
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • 10+ Blog Styles
  • 40+ awesome Hover Effects
  • Google web fonts
  • Parallax and Video Background
  • Swiper Slider for Galleries  and Posts
  • Revolution Slider for Home page
  • 1-Click Demo Import
  • Online Documentation Ready
  • Professional Support
  • Frequent Updates

6. Kids Care

This education WordPress theme is suitable for any content related to kids. It has responsive layouts and is easy to customize.

best education wordpress themes

Key Features

  • Mobile Friendly
  • 4 Topic Skins
  • 11 Custom Widgets
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Chrome, FireFox, Safari and IE9+
  • Child Theme
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Revolution Slider Support
  • Visual Composer Support
  • Parallax Background
  • Ajax Search
  • SEO Friendly
  • Google Fonts Support
  • 1-Click Demo Import
  • Online Documentation included
  • Frequent Updates
  • Great Technique Support

7. School

School is another free education WordPress theme. It is suitable for schools which need to have an online presentation.

best education wordpress themes

Key Features

  • Responsive Layout Built on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Multiple Columns
  • Recommended Short-Codes
  • Full Width Pages
  • Pages With Sidebars