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LearnDash – A Plugin Compatible with Best Education WordPress Themes

September 22, 2015

WordPress users who own educational sites are all familiar with LearnDash, a plugin that best education WordPress themes usually support. Now, with LearnDash, you can create learning management system for your own as it provide perfect and complete solution for online courses. At the end of this article, we also mention about another powerful plugin for your preference.

LEARNDASH – LMS plugin compatible with best education WordPress themes

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This plugin lets you use any medium to create and deliver your courses. The platform is sale integrated. It includes forums that can be private or public, and also specific course. You can set preconditions and multilevel classes. It has lesson timers, advanced quizzes, group management, multisite, and tons more. It is sensitive and works with any theme in general and any best WordPress themes for online education in particular

It is a demonstration site where you can see what lessons might look like. The structure of the lesson is smooth and easy to navigate. You can see the contents of the course, take the game, and see your achievements. You can define simple or complex hierarchical structure for the courses, and it will label them as complete before allowing students to continue in the course.

This is a premium plugin. The basic package is $99 and includes an unlimited license with 1-year support. The complete package is $129 and adds the pro panel.

GOOD LMS – Learning Management System WordPress Plugin

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This is a learning management system and complete course delivery. It has a great appearance and many helpful options to create courses and quiz. The plugin also allows site owners to put a rating system in each course so students can evaluate this one.

The courses show a progress bar so that students know their current position in the course. The course itself may be a mixture of text and video. As the students go through the pages, progress will change to follow.

At the end of the course, the students can take a timed quiz, which can be a combination of multiple choice and written. There is a system of certificates and badges so you can choose the type of recipient students receive at the end of the course. You can see this feature in the plugin demo.

There are several different payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, Paymill, Authorized.net, bank transfer, etc. You can even have on-site courses and just use the system as a secure means of payment and monitoring. The plugin also have commission rate for instructors.

The plugin costs $30 for use on a single site.

In short, whatever type of school site you choose to build, whether it is an information site or a full online school, WordPress has the best education WordPress themes and tools to make them work and look great. You can add courses to your site, create comprehensive school structure navigation, or create a site with information about the school.

Your turn! Have you created a school website with WordPress? Have you used the plugins compatible with best education WordPress themes that this article mentions here? Or have we missed your favorite? We would like to hear about it in the comments below!

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