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Top useful tips to choose a mobile friendly WordPress university theme

October 19, 2015

Smartphones are playing a more and more important role in our everyday life. Approximately one in two adults now owns a smartphone and by 2018, the worldwide smartphone shipments are predicted to reach 1.7 billion.  One of the most significant advantages brought to our life by smartphones is the convenient option to go online thanks to their mobility and capability of connecting to the Internet. Thus, there are a more considerable number of people who access educational websites with their smartphones to acquire knowledge anywhere, any minute.

Because of the upturn in students’ using smartphones, using a university theme WordPress that lets people create a mobile friendly site is of the essence. Below are some tips to follow when selecting such a university theme for WordPress.

Tips to choose a mobile friendly university theme WordPress

University theme WordPress 1

Responsive Layout

The first must-have of an online university WordPress theme to make educational sites mobile-friendly is a responsive design. It helps the sites adapt well to any screen size so site owners are guaranteed that their content will be displayed correctly on smartphones despite the fact that a smartphone has a smaller screen compared to a PC. Moreover, it is obvious that a lot of smartphones now have high-definition displays. Therefore, site owners ought to choose a university theme WordPress that can support such displays to make sure their site look good on high-quality mobile devices.

Optimized for Speed

Besides, in order to create mobile-friendly sites for educational purposes, it is worth considering university theme WordPress that allow sites to load fast. Such themes often provide site owners enough features to run their sites effectively rather than offer a ton of features, many of which will probably never be used. In general, staples of a WordPress theme and three plugins, including a learning management plugin, a translation plugin and an e-commerce plugin, are necessities for an educational site. Additionally, each site owner should think carefully about their purposes to choose a university theme for WordPress with a sufficient number of features.

University theme WordPress

Mobile-friendly Theme Elements

Also, even though the screen sizes of smartphones are becoming larger and larger, they are much smaller in comparison to those of PCs. Thus, users should choose to use a university theme WordPress having features that make it easy for students to complete all task on a small screen. For example, site owners should select themes with fonts that are elegant and legible enough for smartphones’ screen. Besides, themes having big buttons; simple and vertical-layout menus are perfect choices to increase the mobile-friendliness of educational sites.

University theme WordPress 3

High Security

Last but not least, it is necessary for educational site owners to choose themes which are highly protected in order to ensure that their mobile-friendly websites run successfully. There is a lot of personal information stored on smartphones, for example, the credit-card information that students have to provide when buying courses on educational websites. Therefore, site owners have to use a university theme WordPress which are updated regularly and offer safe ways to complete tasks requiring sensitive information. This will protect the smartphone users while accessing their websites.


The tips mentioned above are the fundamental ones to help those who want to get a good university theme WordPress to run their mobile-friendly education sites. Moreover, site owners should consider many other aspects to choose suitable themes that let them create unique and impressive sites.

Featured, WordPress Themes, WordPress Tips

Checklist for Choosing a Perfect University WordPress Theme

October 8, 2015

With thousands of university WordPress themes are released and updated day by day, selecting the right one for your educational site might be a hard mission. A huge of options leads you to be overwhelmed and have a wrong choice. So it is necessary to know exactly what you want for your product or project. In addition, with the support of this post, you can save time for giving an accurate decision. It presents useful advices and checklist of important things to consider before choosing a university WordPress theme.

university WordPress theme 1

4 things to consider before choosing a university WordPress theme

Type of Education Website

Before you go shopping for an online university WordPress theme, you should understand what type of education site you are going to build in order to limit the list of functions and features that are necessary for each type of site. For instance, you would build a site have a lot content like a learning manager system which need more specific features or just a simple one like a brochure.

Also, you should decide which elements are important on your site and which items will be displayed on your home page. This is the basis to pick a theme whose capabilities match your content as not every stunning theme is able to inspire your site.

Design and User Experience

While the matched theme will show off your content (posts, images, audios and videos, etc.) on your education site, its design may increase the attraction of your site looking. There are plenty of websites sell WordPress themes you can find such as ThemeForest, StudioPress and Elegant Themes, which have the best designers. You should experience the demo of each theme to find out the interesting features or obstacles before you get it.

SEO and Site Speed

university WordPress theme 2

The most important way of promoting your site is applying the process which called search engine optimization (SEO). That helps search engines know how the visitors interact with your site in order to rank it on the search engine results. Apparently, the site speed and loading times influent the search engine rankings.

Choosing a fast loading university WordPress theme can increase search engine rankings, online revenue and enhance overall user experience of your website. Avoid using the themes that are too feature-heavy, use a lot of large file formats or have not been updated for a long time. They will pull the site speed into the gutter.

Free vs. Premium University WordPress Theme

Last but not least, that is the price of the university WordPress theme you will choose. In the past few years, the quality of free WordPress theme for university website was usually low. Yet WordPress community has developed day by day and has been available with thousands of great free WordPress themes to pick up. Some popular sources for free themes like are available to check. However, it’s worth considering the premium university WordPress themes with various features available to choose from. Also the prices might be competitive, which allows you can pick a quality premium online university WordPress theme with adaptable payment. Using a premium theme means that its updates and support are always available for you, ensuring that the theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

In a nutshell, the most important of choosing a theme is the quality and the support, so both free and premium university WordPress theme have their own advance.