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How to speed up your education WordPress theme

October 22, 2015

The article is a list of methods that will help you speed up your education WordPress theme. This doesn’t include server side optimization or WordPress optimization. This is to ensure your theme is well optimized.

Tips to speed up your education WordPress theme

Use custom fonts in the right way

Today, all people tend to use custom fonts on their sites. Fonts like Google fonts should be used for headings and small pieces of text and not throughout your theme’s content. The body content should be standard web font while you can make use of custom fonts for headings and sub headings.

Check for broken links or missing files

education WordPress theme 2

When you try to optimize the performance of your online education WordPress theme, you should make sure that there is no missing images or broken links. When the browser finds a broken link or missing image, it will look for the missing files resulting in extra CPU usage that makes your site slow. You just need to use the developer tools inside most browsers by pressing the F12 key. You also can monitor the browsers activity when the page is loaded to spot all the missing files or broken links.

Avoid utilizing unnecessary plugins

This is a common problem that relies on WordPress plugins to handle some of the functionality of your education WordPress theme. They are social sharing, image sliders and related post carousels that could bring down your website’s performance. So you should code it as most plugins rely on extra CSS and JS files.

education WordPress theme 3

Combine multiple CSS files

The purpose of combining multiple CSS files is to reduce the number of HTTP requests sent by the server. This means that with each CSS file used by your online education WordPress theme, a server request will be sent and we should avoid this. In order to reduce the number of HTTP requests, we should reduce the number of CSS files used inside the theme. By combining two or three CSS files into a single larger CSS file, you can reduce the number of CSS files.

Use image sprites

Another form of reducing server requests is using image sprites. Each image sprite is a collection of images out into a single larger image.  So you should use image spites if there are a lot of different icons throughout your education WordPress theme. When there are too many images in a web page, it may take a long time to load and multiple server requests.

Place JS & CSS files in the right locations

Moving its JavaScript and CSS files to the right locations is an important way to improve the loading time of your WordPress education theme. That is because when you place JavaScript files in the head section of the theme’s HTML document, it will delay the rendering of the page until all those JavaScript files are loaded, which means that the page may take more time to load.

Normally the WordPress theme’s CSS and JS files are loaded automatically into the right locations only when it makes use of the enqueue and register functions to include the needed JavaScript files and style-sheets. If the files are in the wrong location, you should modify your education WordPress theme to specify where the files need to be placed: header or footer of the document.

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5 reasons why each education WordPress theme should include a page builder

October 2, 2015

Nowadays, a beautiful designed education WordPress theme may no longer make the cut. Site owners are expecting more from the theme they install. A theme must not only help them create additional pages or customize existing pages fast and easily, but also allow them to modify page elements without touching the theme’s codes. That is the reason why page builders gradually become popular and important among WordPress theme authors. Obviously, more and more authors include page builders with their themes, especially WordPress education blog themes.

education WordPress theme 1

Advantages of using an education WordPress theme integrated with a page builder

The followings are some key advantages of using a page builder instead of creating your own custom pages manually.

Low Learning Curve: No knowledge of coding & programming required

There are two things you can do if you are a site owner and you don’t want to touch codes. Firstly, you can design an online education WordPress theme and then get a web developer or a conversion service to get the coding done. Secondly, you can remove the need for codes altogether by using a pre-made theme integrated with a page builder.

The second option is less complicated with a low learning curve and anyone can manage it.

Easy to Use: Just drag & drop page elements

Most of page builders use drag and drop functionality because it is a time saver.  It allows site owners to create layouts in minutes with proper design elements close at hand. In some cases, a page builder package includes those design elements.

If you make mistake while building a page using drag and drop functionality, it can be corrected immediately and you can cycle through many options quickly and easily until you have the design you expect.

education WordPress theme

Cost Effective: Plan a web design on a budget

You can cut down the fees to convert design to code as well as the time to produce a beautiful working layout for your clients by using the right tool. Page builders- great productivity tools are not only reliable and effective but also easy to keep the project budget under control.

Good WordPress education blog themes should include a specific page builder so that site owners can get more options and more control at the same time.

Time Saving: Create unique websites quickly

An online education WordPress theme with a page builder allows you to build websites in a shorter timespan with predefined layouts and design elements. The added templates not only allow you to get a project off to a quick start but also help maintain momentum through your customization process.

Flexible & Feature Rich

education WordPress theme 3

A versatile and flexible page builder can help you design even unique or complex websites. Most of all, a good page builder included in the education WordPress theme will give you many stand-out features that modern sites require.

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University Review: An Education WordPress theme

September 5, 2015

If you are looking for an education WordPress theme with clean, unique design and a lot of great features, University by GavickPro is a good choice. The theme is designed for school, college or university sites. It is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and all popular browsers. In addition, it offers full BuddyPress support and a classic, customizable layout so you can get a community-led website with dynamic features.

Let’s take a look at some unique features of this education WordPress theme and decide whether it is suitable for your site.

Support BuddyPress plugin

With included BuddyPress plugin, teachers and students may communicate and share their thoughts with other people. Also, they can share their favorite photos by using the BuddyPress Gallery and BP Latest Photos widgets based on rtMedia plugin.

Education WordPress theme 1

Excellent education event features

This online education WordPress theme offers an eclectic design to make it stand-out from the crowd. A lot of custom HTML elements you’ve got a treasure strove of style to draw from.

Event information can be displayed on the front page thanks to News Show Pro so no one misses them. Event details like venue, date, time left might be provided with specially-prepared elements.

Stunning parallax theme design

A stunning, dynamic parallax scrolling effect which brings visual depth to your website will attract visitor’s attention before they reach your content. GK Tweets widget allows you to display the latest tweets to keep everyone connected with school life. Besides, GK Comments widget makes your college community productive because it highlights the latest article comments and promotes discussion.

Additionally, University’s fully responsive design will help your education website to work across a large range of devices, form-factors, and screen sizes.

Education WordPress theme

Extra pages and features for expanding your college’s online profile

This education theme for WordPress includes all crucial details such as contact forms, event listings, newsletters and special pages presenting teacher profiles, FAQ, fact sheet pages and About Us. The theme offers WPML support that helps create and runs a multilingual website easier than before.


Pursuing an education and finding a professional license, certificate or degree can change your future dramatically. The University WordPress theme combines between cutting edge graphics and sophisticated branding to make the right statement. The theme also offers the photographic accuracy you expect in top website designs. The students can browse course offerings easily with navigation elements.

You can experience a free sample template before making a purchase with this online education WordPress theme. You can examine the excellent applications that come with the theme. Sliders, customized options and free photographic only represents a small part of what we can offer. By using University, you can design a successful educational website that you want.

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Some of popular education WordPress themes

August 8, 2015

There is a saying that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nowadays, people are spending a very huge amount of money for education (about $3 trillion). Almost this amount is paid for online education. The best way to start your online education is creating your education related to website.

The best and most popular CMS platform is WordPress that can make your own education related to website easy. Just start by picking an appropriate education WordPress theme and sketching your content.

The followings are popular education WordPress themes

1. Education Pro

Education Pro by the StudioPress team is used for schools and universities that want to create a professional design for their websites.

Education Pro provides a solution for educational institutions that allows them to show off their facilities with high quality photographs and handle the large amounts of information they need to publish on a regular basis.

Education Pro is one of modern education WordPress themes 2015 for educational organizations that on the Genesis Framework from StudioPress.

Education WordPress Themes 3

2. Capital

Capital is an excellent design which makes sense to almost educational institutions.

Built on the Zoom framework, it is possible to customize this education WordPress theme to an impressive level of depth without technical capability. Moreover, the Dynamic Homepage Builder allows you to combine the widgets that will make up your homepage with simple drag-and-drop movements.

education WordPress theme 2

3. School

School is a clean and simple theme. Its icons come with a friendly appeal that is lacking in some of the more formal educational themes elsewhere on this page. This theme offers events, a custom slider, and customization options including Google Fonts.

Additionally, the established look and feel on School’s homepage is consistent across the theme from blog posts to pages. If you are searching for a theme with a simple design, bold colors and attractive icons, this could be a great choice.

education WordPress theme 3

4. Blackboard

Blackboard is a responsive education theme with a three-column design. Apart from testimonial page layouts and standard blog, it consists of essential academic page templates like course detail, course directory, staff directory and events. It is easy for you to add photo galleries, testimonials and events to your sites by the theme’s custom-built widgets.

education WordPress theme 4

5. University

University is a WordPress education theme designed for education websites. The theme is suitable for Events, Courses, Online Learning System, Business and Shopping. It comes with a lot of great features like responsive design, educational focus, events and ticket selling, revolution slider, one-click sample data, auto update, premium support, and much more.

education WordPress theme 5

6. E learning WordPress theme

LMS WordPress theme – e learning WordPress theme is a brilliant adaptation of the WordPress platform into a Learning Management System, or LMS, via crafted, well-developed and well-designed theme. It is connected with the WordPress LMS plugin, LearnPress. With powerful tools, e learning WordPress theme allows for one click installation with several different models or “demos” available.

education WordPress theme 6

7. Invent

Invent uses a modular framework in its design, giving it a modern look and user-friendly interface. It is a good choice for colleges or universities but can be used for schools as well. After studying what educational institutions require for their websites, LiveMesh developed Invent.

Customization is what Invent does well. It offers more than 500 Google Fonts, near-unlimited color options, unlimited heading styles, eight custom post types, unlimited sidebars, a large selection of shortcodes.

education WordPress theme 7

8. Academia Pro

Academia is a responsive theme with three-column layout. It is built on the WPZOOM framework which helps you create your homepage via the dynamic homepage builder.

With 12 custom WPZOOM widgets, you can build up your content structure any way you want. Its homepage has a lot of redundant navigation and a featured post slider. The theme doesn’t come with specific education page templates but you can have some choices for different page layouts: right sidebars, left sidebars, or both. If you would rather do without the sidebars, you can use a full width template.

education WordPress theme 8