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Beginners’ guide: How to find the right WordPress video theme on ThemeForest

September 18, 2015

Suppose that you start to redesign your WordPress site and want to turn it into a mobile-friendly, video-focused one. So you visit ThemeForest marketplace, where browses a lot of versatile and high quality themes, in order to find the right theme for your video site. However, the process is not easy because you are challenged by the vast number of themes and templates here.

To help you overcome the challenge, this article will share the process of how to pick the appropriate ThemeForest WordPress video theme.

Find the Right WordPress Video Theme – ThemeForest

First, you should hover over the WordPress tab on the top menu of ThemeForest, and click on a category for the types of layouts you would like to have. If you are a blogger, you may want to look at the Blog/Magazine category.

video theme themeforest 1

Next, you hit the Tags widget on the left sidebar and choose “video” tag. Now you may want to sort those WordPress video themes by newest items, trending items, best sellers, best rated or price. The price perhaps is not a big priority because you can get a great WordPress video theme for around $50 and the prices do not go that much lower from there. However, it is important to make sure that those themes are ordered by rating. This helps you avoid buying any item from ThemeForest that has not been purchased at least a double-digit number of times and had five star ratings.

Once you have a shorten list, you should start to review each ThemeForest WordPress video theme by hovering your mouse over it and see a preview before you click. This will save you a lot of time.

video theme themeforest 2

If you find one that could be suitable for your video site, you can check its live preview. Also, you should go to the ThemeForest purchase page of the item and look at the purchasers’ comments. This helps you understand more about the theme’s design and functionality, see a lot of problems as well as know whether they are solved.

When checking those comments you can also see URLs of the sites activating this theme. Remember to take a look at those sites so as to see what the ThemeForest WordPress video theme looks like in use. If the theme looks wildly different to the live preview and you are not confident in customizing it, then this one is probably not a good choice for you. In contrast, when you see a video website (using the theme) without the perfect design (like the theme demo) and you still love it, then you should choose this item.

That is all about how to find the perfect WordPress video theme. ThemeForest is no doubt one of the best theme marketplaces; nevertheless, to ensure that the chosen theme is the best suit one, you had better follow those steps.

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Five key tips to choose an impressive WordPress video theme

August 24, 2015

Nowadays, videos are getting more and more popular due to the development of technology and Internet, which is illustrated through the figure of 72 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds. It means that you can easily publish your videos. However, at the same time, you also find it difficult to get attention of viewers to your content.

Good news for WordPress users is that they can now take all worries out with WordPress video themes since they can provide users with amazing sites to present awesome videos. All you need to do is choosing a theme that can create a lasting impression on your visitors to guarantee they will frequently visit your site. The following given tips will be useful for you when picking a stunning theme for your video website.

wordpress video theme responsive

1. Curate a highly compatible theme

There are a bunch of devices and browsers, and you are incapable of forcing your visitors to use a particular device or browser compatible with your theme. The perfect option is choosing a theme that supports a large number of popular browsers.

Also, when you choose a WordPress video theme, responsive design is another factor that you should consider. Because responsive WordPress themes for video will help your website adapt to all screen sizes.

It should be much better if you can use a theme available on mobile as more and more people are using smartphones to watch and share videos these days.

Thus, always bear in mind that the more highly compatible theme you select, the more visitors you attract.

2. Choose a SEO friendly WordPress video theme

It is necessary to choose a SEO friendly theme if you want your videos to be known by a large number of audience. You are expected to focus on the SEO features and code of the theme to make sure that your contents can reach high-ranking on Google search result page and be watched by many people.

3. Select a user-friendly WordPress video theme

Not all of your viewers are master at technology, so your website is expected to possess a user-friendly theme to gain the largest number of visitors. You should choose a theme using friendly elements to bring your visitors the most pleasant experience. Besides, themes compatible with WPML Plugin are the perfect choices as they provide full translations to help you create multilingual websites for people from various countries.

4. Choose a theme having clean appearance and many customization options

If your website is beautiful and impressive, it will likely attract a lot of audience. You should also review responsive WordPress themes for video that has many personalization choices. Those will give you more opportunities to make your website stand out.

5. Pick a video theme treasuring special features and tremendous support

Special features are to help you run your site effectively and leave your viewers with an unforgettable impression. The theme should be able to present a stunning and neat portfolio of your works to make it easy for your visitors to find the videos on your site. Basically, it is supposed to allow you to showcase your content in Channels and embed video URLs from well-known video hosting sites. You should also consider your own purposes to choose themes with exclusive features, such as advertisement plugin, counting view and video rating plugin, etc. Additionally, never forget to select a theme that helps you create forum on your site as well as share your content on popular social network sites. It is extremely important that you choose a theme that provides full support at any time and is updated automatically to avoid bugs.

The five tips mentioned above are the keys to success in choosing an impressive WordPress video theme. Based on these tips, True Mag is considered one of the most leading themes, which has gained trust of more than 3000 users. You can try its demo right now with just one click and own it for only $59.

wordpress video theme responsive