[NEWSTUBE] How To Create Cart, Checkout And Shop Page For Using Woocommerce

In order to integrate Woocommerce and make this website be an online shop, please follow the instructions below

1. You need install Woocommerce plugin

2. Please follow steps to create a cart page and checkout page

2.1 Create a Cart page by going to Pages > Add new > enter Woocommerce cart shortcode to be  [woocommerce_cart]

2.2. Create a Checkout page by going to Pages > Add new > enter Woocommerce checkout shortcode to be

2.3. Go to Woocommerce > Settings > Checkout > Checkout Pages > Cart page and choose the created Cart page and and Checkout page, then choose the created checkout page > save it

3. In order to create a Shop page, please go to Pages > Add new > enter title page and Save, then go to Woocommerce > Settings > Product tab > Display sub-tab and Shop page,  choose the created shop page and Shop Page Display, choose show product…. > save

4. Please refer to how to use Woocommerce plugin in some documents here