Make Money with CactusThemes and Envato

With Envato Affiliate program and our themes you can earn 30% per sale for a new registered user on ThemeForest marketplace. All you need is refer the traffic to any of Envato pages or CactusThemes items’ pages.

How to apply the Affiliate Link?

You would need a Envato account in advance. For example, your account is “yourusername”. All you need to do is adding “?ref=yourusername” to the end of a link. For example, you want to refer users to the CactusThemes VideoPro’s details page; then the link will be

VideoPro item page:

Affiliate link for VideoPro:

Three types of Affiliate Link

Although referring to any pages on CodeCanyon will help, you would need to think about the conversion rate differences between each link. It means, you will need to answer the question: “Will the customers register after going to that link?”. There are 3 types of affiliate link on Envato

1. Direct ThemeForest checkout page

With this link the user will be redirected to the secure checkout page on ThemeForest with CactusThemes’s item added already to the cart. Users don’t have to click on “Add to Cart” button anymore. You will need to have ID of the item ready (you can get it from the URL after item name)

2. Adding the product with option to choose License & Support terms

After clicking on the link below the user will be redirected to the landing page with option to choose License (Regular or Extended) and Support Terms (6 or 12 months)

3. Go to the checkout page through Item’s page

This link gives the user the opportunity to see product details page before redirecting to the checkout page with single license added to the cart.

Banners & materials to drive traffic efficiently

The appropriate banner sizes for Google Adwords are

300×250; 300×600; 728×90; 970×250

We’d love you drive traffic and maximize conversion. Thus, our designers will update pre-designed banners so you are ready to convert your users in seconds. Moreover, the content is closely matched with the CactusThemes theme’s message.

Sample banners for VideoPro:

Let’s make money with CactusThemes!

If you haven’t registered the account at ThemeForest yet, go ahead and register.

More details about the Envato Affiliate program