[TRUEMAG] How To Create Child Theme

Please follow these steps:
– Step 1: Create new child theme’s folder in wp-content/themes/ Ex: wp-content/themes/truemag-child
-Step 2: Within your new theme folder, create a file called style.css and fill in the information as below
Theme Name: TrueMAG-Child Theme URI: http://www.cactustheme.com
Description: TrueMAG Child
Author: Elegant Themes Author URI: http://www.cactustheme.com
Template: truemag
Version: 1.0
*/ @import url(“../truemag/style.css”);
/* Your CSS starts here ——————————————————- */
– Step 3.: Activate your child theme and custom css as you want.
– Step 4: You could create your child theme’s functions.php file and write your own code (without including the old one).
– Step 5: Beyond CSS and Functions modifications, you can also make structural changes to your theme by adjusting the php template files. Unlike editing the functions.php, where the original theme’s functions are imported automatically, PHP files are edited by replacing the file entirely with a new one. The theme’s original file is ignored and the new one is used instead. The first thing, simply copy and paste the theme’s original file into your child theme folder ensuring that the file name and location is exactly the same.
For example, if we want to modify the the truemag/header.php, then we would copy and paste this file to truemag-child/header.php