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True Mag is a modern and clean WordPress theme for video blog, video portfolio and magazine. We build this responsive video theme with the best practices of UI and UX as well as SEO.

True Mag is an amazing WordPress theme for videos which comes with great video features. Some of those features include: Built-in Video Ads plugin, Short-codes for Video, Video Auto Play, Self-hosted Video Support, Front-end Video Submission and many Built-in Video Widgets. Moreover, our responsive video portfolio theme offers a Smart Content Box and Powerful Theme Options, which allow you to add content and customize the theme as you want.

Not only one of the excellent WordPress themes for video sites, True Mag is also a great choice for online magazines or sophisticated blogs. True Mag now is trusted by more than 5000 site owners to host hundred thousands of videos. We believe this premium WordPress video blog theme is the perfect choice to deliver your amazing content to viewers.

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TrueMag 4.0 – Biggest Update ever – now available to download



WOW Guys, this is a really sweet theme, looks good, feels good and works good… Congrats
Good Luck with sales.. def. worth $45… some excellent extras added.


So awesome I am going to buy two. This is a great theme, I have been asking and looking for months for something perfect for my post production website. Great work can’t wait to see future themes.


Love on the first sight … Great Theme GLWS. Now i want reboot my old video website


This will rock in the market, very good design and full of functions, this theme will attract good number of customers.


OMG YES!! Congrats and THANK u for this theme…


Probably the best video magazine on TF at the moment. Congrats.


Great! I like the theme I like your support and plans to improve (even not many to do) the theme so I’m buyer no 17.


Your Theme is awesome and designed well as a true Video Theme and highly recommend to anyone


Hello! This theme is amazing! You did a brilliant job! Is sales success!



  • Clean design focusing on easy content navigation
  • Great UI and UX design. TrueMag is built with top UI and UX practice
  • Ultra Responsive – carefully crafted
  • Retina ready – View great on high-resolution screen
  • Optimized for mobile
  • 3×2 Navigation Menu Styles – There are 3 different menu styles each style is available in dark and light colors
  • 11 Homepage Slider styles
  • Wide and Boxed layouts
  • Many built-in widgets for video
    • Popular videos
    • Trending videos
    • Related News
    • Top Authors
    • Top Like
    • Top Categories
  • 3 Widget Styles – Please see DEMO
  • LearnDash Plugin supported – This theme is compatible with LearnDash Plugin and will allow you to build your own learning management system(LMS)
  • Dark and Light header available
  • Social Locker plugin supported – this allow you to require viewer share your video before watching it – TRY DEMO
  • Video Ads Plugin included – This plugin is exclusively built for TrueMag – this plugin allow you to play an advertising video before the main video – TRY DEMO
  • Standard header and Flat header available – you can choose the style you want
  • Drag/drop page builder with Visual composer. Already included in the download pack (you save $30)
  • Category banner (suitable for campaign promotion)
  • Smart Content Box shortcode – a creative way to present your content
    • Many layouts for video listing
    • Video information preview bubble
    • Video quick-view
  • Mega Menu integrated
  • Video Series – Present series of videos in style – SEE DEMO
  • Multiple Links Video – Help your viewers choosing the best server/link to enjoy the video – SEE DEMO
  • Responsive Advertising spaces for Google Adsense
    This feature help showing the right advertising banner for the right screen resolution therefore will increase your click through rate.
  • Ad banner shortcode for Google Adsense – This feature help you load Google Adsense banner in any places by using simple shortcode
  • Predefined Ad banner spaces – There are 6 predefined banner spaces. Moreover, you can add no limited ad spaces to the page using visual composer, widget by shortcode. You can either add Google Adsense Banners (using your ID) or selt hosted banners. More information on Advertising Spaces – HERE
  • Many shortcodes included. See DEMO HERE
  • Embedded video URLs
  • Self-hosted video support
  • Support custom players: JWPlayer, FlowPlayer, HTML5JS Player, Wistia player
  • Auto pulling video info from popular video sites (Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion…)
  • View, like and comment counter
  • Rating System for videos integrated and ready to use
  • Support Taqyee WordPress Review Plugin
  • Video listing by author
  • 3 layouts for video listing/categories page
  • Google Rich Snippets (make your content prominent on Google Search Result Pages. Also good effect on SEO too)
  • Translation ready with WPML fully supported
  • Font Awesome Icons (with more than 470 retina icons included)
  • 2 Video Page Layout
    • Fullwidth Video Layout
    • Inboxed Video Layout
  • Video auto play feature
  • Next video auto play feature
  • Mega menu supported and also included in the download pack – Mash Menu Plugin by (you save $12)
  • Advance Search Plugin supported and also included in the download pack (you save $11)
  • RTL languages support
  • Unlimited colors
  • Unlimited fonts
    • Google fonts
    • Your own custom fonts
  • WooCommerce compatible – Build online shop with TrueMag
  • BuddyPress compatible – Build your own social network with TrueMag
  • bbPress compatible
  • Membership Plugin by WPMU Supported – This plugin allows you to easily create membership sites, such as GigaOm, Mixergy, PSD Tuts, and even The New York Times. You will be able to grant limited access to visitors and reserve premium content for paying users. See details HERE
  • Video Submission by Users function
  • Translation ready with WPML supported
  • Playlist – Allow visitor to view user’s favorited playlist – DEMO HERE
  • 2 Mobile Menu Styles
    • Dropdown Mobile Menu
    • Off canvas Mobile Menu
  • One click sample data installation
  • Theme auto update – You will never have to worry about having the latest version with bugs fixed and features updated!
  • Social comment support
    • Facebook comment ready
    • Disqus comment ready
  • Sharethis integration
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Super clean code
  • Dedicated support team
  • Import YouTube videos faster with . TrueMag is officially supported by this amazing import tool
  • Auto post Youtube videos to wordpress with WordPress Automatic Plugin: – True Mag-compatible

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Additional note, True Mag or TrueMag is possible 😉

  • NewsBee - (

  • - (

  • Irispess Magazine (

  • Fishi - (
  • True Mag 4.2.16 - 2018.10.01 includes WP Bakery Page Builder 5.5.4
    • #Update Font-Awasome to 5.3.1
    • #Fix Fix Main menu Dropdown overflow
    • #Fix Fix Youtube Video start time warning and support time format
  • True Mag 4.2.15 - 2018.04.27 includes WP Bakery Page Builder 5.4.7; TrueMag-Shortcode; Advance Search Form
    • #Add Bulk Assign Channel feature
    • #Fix (self-hosted) Video Player displays improperly on mobile when using inbox layout mode
    • #Fix cannot link to other video page on mobile when using Classly Slider layout for video series
    • #Fix (self-hosted) Video Player displays improperly on mobile when using inbox layout mode
    • #Fix auto-play setting for video file
    • #Fix (Advance Search Form) items in search suggestion list do not link to posts
  • True Mag 4.2.14 - 2018.01.31 includes TrueMag-SampleData 1.1; Revolution Slider
    • #Update support WooCommerce 3.3
  • True Mag 4.2.13 - 2018.01.04 includes TrueMag-Playlist; Cactus Channel; TrueMag-Rating; TrueMag-Child-Theme 1.2.1
    • #Update use Child Theme to bypass Visual Composer Auto-Update
    • #Fix Playlist and Channel select in admin does not work if WooCommerce is not installed
    • #Fix Order by View in archives page does not work properly
    • #Fix CSS issues
  • True Mag 4.2.12 - 2017.11.27 includes TrueMag-Shortcodes; TrueMag-Playlist; Cactus Channel; Visual Composer 5.4.5; Revolution Slider
    • #Update support WooCommerce 3.2.5
    • #Update show Video Badges in Channel and Playlist page
    • #Fix minus button in Cart page doesn't work
    • #Fix Product Gallery lightbox doesn't work
  • True Mag 4.2.11 - 2017.08.17 includes TrueMag-Movie; TrueMag-Shortcodes 3.3.4; TrueMag-Rating 3.3.2; Revolution Slider; Visual Composer 5.2.1
    • #Update add option to link to Single Video instead of sliding video in Playlist and Series Slider
    • #Update support WooCommerce 3.1.2
    • #Update Theme Options latest version
    • #Fix CSS issues with Facebook Video, BuddyPress Group page, Edit Ad screen
    • #Fix BuddyPress Avatar is not used for User Avatar
    • #Fix make sure submitted post has author
    • #Fix conflict between True Mag Movie plugin and JetPack
    • #Fix YouTube Video has error when URL is short-type and Force Using Embed Code is NO
    • #Fix warning in PHP 7
  • True Mag 4.2.10 - 2017.05.19 include TrueMag-Movie 3.4.5; TrueMag-Shortcodes 3.3.3; TrueMag-Playlist 1.1.3; Cactus-Channel 1.0.3; Video Ads 3.7; Visual Composer 5.1.1; Revolution Slider; TrueMag-sampledata-plugin 1.0
    • #Update a better Import Sample Data feature with TrueMag-Sample-Data plugin
    • #Update support Youtube URL with Start At parameter, and make Start At option work with Video Ads
    • #Update support Video Ads on mobile
    • #Update move Channels-related features from TrueMag Playlist plugin to Cactus Channel plugin
    • #Update make compatible with PHP 7
    • #Fix conflict with Give Donation plugin
    • #Fix auto-scroll issue with playing video of Classy Slider
    • #Fix TM-Popular Video widget does not generate link when using Most Liked condition
    • #Fix Number of More Videos does not work correctly
    • #Fix messy layout of TM Recent Comments when there isn't an avatar
    • #Fix setting Single Post > Replay does not work correctly
  • True Mag - 2017.03.29 include TrueMag-Movie; TrueMag-Shortcodes 3.3.2; Visual Composer 5.1
    • #Fix Sidebar setting of Videos Listing page template and add Page Heading in this page
    • #Fix CSS issues of WPML Language Switcher in menu
    • #Fix Cannot play short YouTube Video URL if "Force Using Embed Code" is not turned off
    • #Update Responsive layout of Cart page
    • #Update TM Related Posts/Videos widget to have option "Related By"
    • #Add [classy] shortcode and option to use Classy Slider for posts which belong to a series. Just a beta feature
  • True Mag - 2017.01.20 include TrueMag-Movie
    • #Fix: Short YouTube URL issue with Force Using JW Player option and Cactus Ads
    • #Fix: Quick View now supports cross-domain video (ie. https URL of YouTube or Vimeo)
    • #Fix: TouchSwipe feature of Classy Slider 3 doesn't work properly on mobile
  • True Mag - 2017.01.13
    • #Fix: Pagination bug with Top 10 plugin
    • #Fix: Excluded Posts issue with Top 10 plugin
    • #Fix: Item icon does not appear correctly in Custom Menu widget in footer
    • #Fix: incorrect playlist thumbnail in Channel when ajax-loading
    • #Fix: Mega Menu - Columns Layout is not 100% width
  • True Mag - 2017.01.05 include TrueMag-Movie; TrueMag-Shortcodes; Video Ads Management
    • #Fix: Google Structured Data of inbox layout posts
    • #Fix: audio posts does not display thumbnail in Search Results
    • #Fix: sidebar settings in Blog and Video Listing page template
    • #Fix: always auto-next if video has ads
    • #Fix: warning, notice message, CSS issues
    • #Update: revolution slider
  • True Mag - 2016.12.24
    • #Fix: responsive issue with HTML5 Native Video Player
    • #Fix: FV FlowPlayer doesn't play in Header on mobile devices
    • #Fix: GravityForms Submission Form doesn't fetch data
    • #Fix: missing post title in Preview Mode of Mega Menu
    • #Fix: JW Player 7 doesn't work
    • #Fix: cross-sell products doesn't appear in cart
  • True Mag - 2016.12.06
    • #Fix: Front-end Post Submission with Contact Form 7 doesn't work
  • True Mag - 2016.12.01 includes TrueMag-Movie; TrueMag-Shortcode; Video-Ads; Advance Search Form; Visual Composer 5.0.1;
    • #Fix: compatible with Top 10 plugin
    • #Fix: Count param of SCB shortcode doesn't work with Modified condition
    • #Update: support GravityForms for Video Submission feature
    • #Update: Advance Search Form to include Tags in the search suggestion results
  • True Mag - 2016.11.12 includes TrueMag-Movie; Visual Composer 5.0;
    • #Fix: style of Ajax loaded posts in Search Results
    • #Add: option to autosynchronize views from network
    • #Update: Visual Composer 5.0
  • True Mag - 2016.11.07
    • #Fix: MegaMenu disappears
  • True Mag - 2016.11.02
    • #Fix: [cactus_badges] shortcode appears in blog
  • True Mag 4.2.9 - 2016.11.01 includes TrueMag-Movie 3.4.4; Revolution Slider 5.2.6
    • #Fix: sidebar setting of Single Product WooCommerce
    • #Update: remove JS Color plugin, use default Color Picker component of WordPress
    • #Update: support short YouTube URL
    • #Update: support Video File, Video Code and Video Thumbnail in the upload form
    • #Add: Cactus Badges plugin
    • #Add: Series Listing page template (in TrueMag-Movie plugin)
  • True Mag - 2016.09.22 includes TrueMag-Shortcodes; TrueMag-Movie; TrueMag-Playlist; Cactus BAW Optimizer 1.0
    • #Add: Cactus BAW Optimizer plugin to delete old data from BAW plugin and convert into Top 10 plugin-compatible
    • #Update: support Top 10 plugin (to replace BAW plugin)
    • #Update: support using Google Drive URL in Video File
  • True Mag - 2016.09.17 includes TrueMag-Shortcodes; Visual Composer 4.12.1
    • #Fix: cannot click on Vimeo videom when having Ads
    • #Update: Visual Composer 4.12.1
    • #Update: responsive thumbnails, increase image quality on mobiles
  • True Mag - 2016.09.08 includes Visual Composer 4.12.1
    • #Fix: VC Carousel shortcode, Metro Carousel shortcode in RTL mode
    • #Fix: BreadCrumb generates error when posts do not belong to any categories
    • #Update: add param to add link in Member Shortcode
    • #Update: sub-menu of the last item in boxed layout falls to left side
    • #Update: switch Previous and Next button
  • True Mag - 2016.08.10
    • #Fix: Mega Menu - does not first load items when there are 2 Preview Mode items
    • #Fix: video auto plays in playlist
    • #Fix: English spelling
  • True Mag - 2016.08.10 includes Video Ads
    • #Fix: Video Ads fatal error
  • True Mag - 20116.08.09 includes Video Ads
    • #Fix: WooCommerce Cross-Sells not showing in Cart
    • #Fix: scrolling issues with Visual Composer Tabs
    • #Fix: some text error
    • #Update: update Optiona Page libs in Video Ads plugin
  • True Mag - 2016.07.04 includes TrueMag-Movie; TrueMag-Child-Theme-Poster 1.3
    • #Fix: error when BAW plugin is not installed
    • #Update: support WooCommerce 2.6
    • #Update: Child Theme Poster-Size bugs fixed and uses poster size for thumbnails in loop
  • True Mag - 2016.06.23
    • #Fix: dropdown menu in RTL mode
    • #Fix: child theme poster size
    • #Fix: Video Ads doesn't work with direct link from Amazon S3
    • #Fix: multi-links video doesn't work with Vimeo and DailyMotion
  • True Mag - 2016.06.10
    • #Fix: bulk activate recommended plugin (update TGM Plugin activation)
    • #Fix: CSS issues
    • #Update: remove JWPlayer 6 from recommended plugins
    • #Update: Visual Composer 4.12
  • TrueMag 4.2.8 - 2016.05.25
    • #Fix: Share Facebook to link back to website
    • #Fix: JWPlayer 6 on mobile issue
    • #Fix: JWPlayer 7 logo issue
    • #Fix: Most Viewed Posts widget doesn't work
    • #Fix: CSS in menu management in admin
    • #Fix: HTTPs issue with playlist
    • #Update: Revolution Slider
    • #Update: Use Embed Code in multi-links for video posts
  • TrueMag 4.2.7 - 2016.04.27 include Visual Composer; Revolution Slider 5.2.5; Cactus-Video
    • #Fix: changing sidebar position for single playlist doesn't work
  • TrueMag 4.2.7 - 2016.04.14 include Visual Composer 4.11.2; Revolution Slider; Video-Ads
    • #Update: WordPress 4.5 compatibility
    • #Fix: Video Ads issues
    • #Fix: VideoJS doesn't work
    • #Add: option to include og:video:secure_url
  • TrueMag 4.2.6 - 2016.03.31 include Visual Composer 4.11.1; Revolution Slider 5.2.3; TrueMag-Movie; Advance-Search-Form
    • #Fix: some PHP warning messages
    • #Fix: Playlist page breaks when using Boxed layout
    • #Fix: search results page when using child theme
    • #Fix: cannot play video in multi-link when using Boxed layout
    • #Update: support latest WooCommerce 2.5.5
  • TrueMag 4.2.5 - 2016.03.14 include Visual Composer 4.11
    • #Update: support WooCommerce 2.5.5
    • #Update: support Meipai & videos
    • #Fix: bug when sorting tags by like
    • #Fix: bug of View Count number in Smart Content Box
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