Welcome to VideoFlix, inspired by Netflix design, you can easily setup a movie site with the modern look and feel of the most popular on-demand video site on the Internet.


  • Since 12.6.2018, VideoFlix is not a child theme of VideoPro anymore. It is now an independent theme with updated featured (support Video Series, Single Post, Blog and others). For customers who have purchased VideoFlix, you can download the parent theme again.


  • Video Channels
  • Video Series
  • Support various video sources: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, DailyMotion… and any embed code
  • Support Custom Player: JW Player, VideoJS, FV FlowPlayer…
  • Live Stream solution with VideoWhisper and Wowza, or any RTMP Links
  • Channels Subscription
  • Author Page
  • Actor Page
  • Live Comments
  • Video Submission
  • Watch Later
  • Support WPMU Membership plugin
    • Sell premium content
    • VIP membership
  • Support Theme My Login plugin




VideoFlix Child Theme is now renamed into VideoFlix WordPress Theme. Now it is not a child theme anymore. Websites which are using VideoFlix child theme are safe to use this theme without losing data.
VideoFlix - Release Log
1.2.9 - Date: 2023/06/30

1.2.8 - Date: 2022/10/18

1.2.7 - Date: 2022/02/07
        #Fix: Js

1.2.6 - Date: 2021/02/10
	#Fix: wp comment
	#Fix: ajax comment
	#Add: ajax loadmore for single channel

#1.2.5 - Date: 2020/11/20
ncludes Cactus Actor; Cactus-Video; 
	#Fix: Homepage
	#Fix: JS Deprecated
	#Fix: update content post item 
	#Fix: Correct function gget video post by category

#1.2.3 - Date: 2020/09/1
includes Cactus-Video; Cactus Actor;
	#Fix: Font awesome class code
	#Fix: Open social link in new tab not work
	#Fix: Youtube start time parameter does not work on single
	#Fix: Not exclude channels for non-logged in users
	#Fix: Canot upload video in submission form
	#Fix: Support Elite player
	#Fix: Widget be compatible with Wordpress 5.5 (migrate jQuery)
	#Fix: Warning message
	#Improve: Add Instagram to Social Accounts, allow select background for custom social icons, remove unused  Google+	

#1.2.2 - Date: 2020/05/03
include Cactus-Video; include Cactus-Actor
    #Fix: bugs with JS
    #Fix: Warning when creating channel from Front end
    #Fix: Content top sidebar on Actor listing temmplate page
    #Fix: show many items on Channel Category
    #Fix: Syntax error
    #Fix: Google font does not work, remove unnecessary code
    #Improve: Mobile menu responsive
    #Improve: page navigation for Channel archive page
    #Improve: add option to hide category on Home page
    #Improve: add option to change Submit video tiltle in Submissition
    #Improve: add option for selectiong Ids actor for Actor listing shortcode
    #Improve: delete the old install demo data option
    #Update: sample data plugin
    #Update: Smooth scroll library

#1.2.1 - Date: 2020/03/22
include Cactus-Video; 
    #Fix: changing backgroup for all single video pages
    #Fix: Channel archive pages showing
    #Fix: Option for changing background on page editor
    #Fix: Like button for single video page

#1.1.9 - Date: 2019/10/01
include Cactus-Actor
    #Fix: z-Index on Category mobile menu
    #Fix: Single actor bugs
    #Fix: Option to change background on page editor
    #Fix: Some bugs

#1.1.7 - Date: 2019/06/11
include Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actor
    - Fix Compatible with PHP 7.3

#1.1.6 - Date: 2019/1/19

#1.1.5 - Date: 2018/12/19
include Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actor
    - Add Infinity scroll on search page
    - Fix Theme option google font
    - Fix Duration
    - Fix Re-enable related post
    - Fix Option post select
    - Fix Compatible with Wordpress 5.0
    - Fix Theme option issues

    - Add Option show/hide, color, background for post video format content
    - Add Trailer video option for single video
    - Add Video trailer for front page, channel, actor, search, category
    - Fix In progress video series, seasons
    - Fix Complete video series
    - Add Included Option Tree on theme package

    - Fix Header mobile upload button responsive
    - Fix Video back button - history back

    - Fix Mobile menu
    - Fix File path and URI
    - Fix Membershipo billing page
    - Fix Series dropdown overflow
    - Fix ThemeOption dynamic primary color
    - Add Child theme

    - Fix Front page with elementor edit
    - Fix subscribed channel
    - Fix mouse hover load video information
    - Fix single video background image
    - Fix Self host FV player
    - Add Sample data for new One click
    - Add Actor listing page template
    - Fix VideoFlix WC
    - Fix Theme Option with theme background
    - Fix some FontAwesome icons
    - Support VideoPro 2.3.4 (with FontAwesome 5 updated)
    - Improve RTL
    - Add option to turn of Welcome Page (now Guests can view all videos)
    - Support RTL
   - Improve Responsive on mobile
#1.0 - First release 20.10.2017