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Best WordPress themes for video magazine in October, 2015

October 22, 2015

The article introduces 3 best WordPress themes for video magazine. They are trending products on ThemeForest in October, 2015.

3 best WordPress themes for video magazine

1. BuzzBlog

best WordPress themes for video 1

BuzzBlog is one of the best WordPress themes for video blogs. It is a simple, clean, modern and professional theme which is ideal for spreading stories. With a responsive design, it adapts to the screen of any device. The theme comes with a lot of great features, such as unlimited styles support with 11 predefined CSS styles, widget manager, header style and 15 custom page templates.

Furthermore, it offers a categorized image gallery with 2,3,4,5 columns, light-box, more than 60 short-codes, and eight custom widgets. BuzzBlog also features nine post formats (Standard, Gallery Grid, Aside, Gallery Slideshow, Image, Code, Link, Video, and Audio), powerful theme options and more.

Noticeable Features:

  • Responsive design: This is a common feature of the best WordPress themes for video magazine, including BuzzBlog. It gives your users full, intuitive site experience on all web-browsing devices, even desktops, tablets and mobiles.
  • Powerful Admin Panel: BuzzBlog has clear and understandable tabs layout. It also comes with unlimited colors, fonts, layout types, gallery settings, import and export theme options, and more.
  • Header styling: Each element of the theme header can be changed from its Theme Options Panel. You can choose between sticky and normal headers, and set image as header background.
  • Besides, BuzzBlog comes with seven blog layouts, 11 predefined CSS styles, WPML support, and translation readiness.

2. Jarida

best WordPress themes for video 2

Jarida is a responsive magazine, news and blog template. It is a great solution for magazine oriented site and one of the best WordPress themes for video sites. The theme comes with a clean design and powerful backend so you can customize everything you want.

Noticeable Features:

  • A responsive design: The theme layout will adjust on any screen device, from desktop, iPad to smartphone. It is easy to turn on and off the responsive mode in the Theme Options panel.
  • Flexible theme layout: You can choose the number of column (two or three) with Jarida. And you can easily choose from the boxed and full layouts in the Theme Options panel.
  • Retina ready: You or your users can enjoy your site on iPad, iPhone or any retina screen device without losing any details.
  • Translation ready: Jarida is ready to be translated into your language. Besides, it is compatible with WPML in case you need a multi-languages website.
  • bbPress & BuddyPress: Being one of the best WordPress themes for video blogs, Jarida is fully compatible with bbPress and BuddyPress plugins.
  • Customize your categories: You can customize your categories with Jarida by custom logo, background, color, slider and sidebar.
  • Social counter widget: This theme includes a built-in social counter widget which grabs the latest counts of your followers from Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, etc.
  • Homepage builder: Jarida includes a built-in drag and drop homepage builder which allows you to customize your homepage with nine boxes.

3. REHub

best WordPress themes for video 3

REHub is a modern theme with magazine, blog, directory, review, user generated, shop and affiliate options. It includes a lot of options for affiliate earnings, coupon and review website, and e-shops. This is also one of the best WordPress themes for video shops.

Noticeable Features:

  • Support and extended functions for three shop plugins: WooCommerce, EDD and Ecwid
  • Five different design layouts for WooCommerce shops
  • Coupon functions
  • Multivendor support
  • Extended money-making features for earnings on affiliate programs
  • Top review list constructor
  • Catalog constructor
  • Top tables constructor, top charts constructor
  • MDTF plugin is bundled with extended support. This plugin allows making your site content is searchable by taxonomies and meta fields.
  • Visual composer is bundled with more than 20 custom content modules
  • AccessPress Post PRO is bundled with theme. This plugin adds user submit to your site.
  • Tons unique short-codes such as: categories archive, reveal buttons, countdowns, price tables and offer lists.
  • Automatic auto contents short-code
  • User login/register popups
  • Extended user review system

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5 teaching plugins should be included in WordPress education themes

October 21, 2015

WordPress is one of the most used platforms for academic researchers and the professionals who teaching online. To improve usability and productivity of WordPress education themes, there are interesting plugins designed for the field of education.

A plugin is basically an application that complements the functionality or content. They are generally easy to install and here you can find some of the best ones developed for WordPress education themes.

Top 5 teaching plugins should be included in WordPress education themes

1. Class Blogs

WordPress education themes 1

The Class Blogs plugin simplifies the creation of content in a classroom blog with all students. It facilitates organization and analysis of the work created by your students. With this plugin you can show:

  • Entries and comments recently published by students
  • A tag cloud formed from the labels used by students in their entries
  • YouTube videos embedded on student input
  • A randomly selected image entry from students
  • Links to watch the inputs of each student

One of the features making the plugin suitable for responsive WordPress education themes is that it provides additional management pages for teachers and students, which you’ll see when logging to create new content. These admin pages allow users to:

  • View a table with all input and feedback from students sorted by date
  • View the number of words on the inputs and comments of students, broken down by week
  • Disable comments on all current and future entries
  • The student also has an additional management page where they can:
  • Create a nickname or changing your username
  • See how many words they have written this week

This plugin also includes a new aesthetic for the blog in order to submit entries from students in a more clear and easy way to navigate. Instead of displaying the entries sorted by date, the main page shows the most recent entries grouped by student, with new content always appears first.

2. mTouch Quiz

WordPress education themes 2

The mTouchQuiz plugin allows you to add polls to your WordPress education themes and tests in order to see whether students have understood a topic or motivate a game show through questions and answers. This plugin is very versatile and very easy to use and adapted to mobile devices so that students can respond at any time. It also allows you to:

  • Include tracks when choosing the wrong answer
  • Add a detailed explanation of the solution
  • Offer multiple correct answers
  • Specify when correct answers are shown
  • Specify the number of attempts to answer the question
  • Specify the score achieved on each question

3. WP Document Revisions

WordPress education themes 3

Revisions Document WP is a document manager that allows a group of students or teachers to work together to edit files of any format (spreadsheets, text, images, etc.).

The plugin lets users see in an instant the progress of a team and change history, even with the option to return to a previous version. Also students can receive RSS notifications of any changes in the document. Each document is assigned a URL that can be private, password protected or public. It is highly customizable and very useful in the work of a thesis. So it should be included in WordPress education themes.

4. WP LaTeX

WordPress education themes 4

Write equations and formulas in a blog or web page can be complicated, but this plugin combines the power of LaTeX and simplicity of WordPress to teach mathematics in the classroom blog. If you want to create the best WordPress education themes with mathematical features then this plugin will help.

5. WP Hide Post

WordPress education themes 5

WP Hide Post allows full control over the visibility of any blog post on a WordPress site. By default, any input is immediately displayed on front page in the first position. Sometimes you may want to give information to students through the blog to expand a curriculum issue, but it does not mean that the entry has a prominent place on the blog. This plugin allows you to hide that entry on the home page and students can only access it if having its link.

What is the essential plugin that you have used for your WordPress education themes? Share yours now!

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WordPress video blog themes for selling multimedia products

October 21, 2015

Since WordPress is popular and comes with a huge amount of themes and plugins, many businesses and persons are using this platform to manage their websites, where they sell multimedia products such as interactive digital television, interactive DVD movies or video games.

In line with that trend, today we will review three WordPress video blog themes which allow you to easily display and sell your multimedia products on your WordPress site.

3 WordPress video blog themes for selling multimedia products


WordPress video blog themes 1

Marketify is one of the modern and clean WordPress video blog themes which are suitable for you to promote and sell multimedia products online. You can use this premium WordPress video blog theme in creating any type of online shop selling photographs, audio files, videos, or any other type of multimedia products. This video theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, so potential buyers or site visitors can access your site using computer or handheld device. Marketify is also highly customizable, its Theme Customizer will allow you to change the font, color, background image and many other elements of the theme. Being one of the popular WordPress video blog themes on ThemeForest, it is integrated with social logins to expedite the process of website registration, and has reviews and rating feature to help potential purchasers see how other customers think about the product. Also, the theme includes audio and video previews, front end submissions, wish-list and commissions splitting for sellers. Additionally, it supports Easy Digital Downloads add-on for the full marketplace functionality.


WordPress video blog themes 2

SquareCode is a premium WordPress video blog theme suitable for promoting and selling multimedia products such as videos, music, games, digital art, photos and so on. It is packed with functional features such as product price, inline Ajax cart, product information panel, sales count, preview buttons, social share links, product reviews and many more. With the full support for many add-ons of Easy Digital Downloads plugin, the theme let you easily sell multimedia products online. In addition, this theme is built with rock-solid codes and best SEO practices in mind. It also enables you to add and remove plugins. By using SquareCode, one of the great responsive WordPress video blog themes, you can easily create your own tech shop or create a multimedia marketplace.


WordPress video blog themes 3

Bernate is a minimalist premium WordPress video blog theme loaded with the powerful functionalities and features necessary for setting up an online shop for multimedia products. This theme is fully responsive, so your website will look beautiful and work flawlessly on any types of mobile devices. Bernate provides you with advanced theme options such as logo options, unlimited skins and various theme styles. It allows choosing from three different portfolio project layouts and come with an advanced portfolio video player. This is also one of the WordPress video blog themes which are built with SEO practices in mind and include child theme.

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Responsive WordPress theme for videos – Responsive, what is it?

October 20, 2015

The development in the web design world is going at a fast pace. Lately, we see a trend of responsive WordPress theme for videos popping up everywhere. Responsive? What does this mean? Are these responsive themes better than others? Should your theme be responsive? Or is it simply just another passing fad?

A responsive video theme responds to the device the site is viewed. In short, by using a responsive WordPress theme for videos and images, your video site will look good on a regular PC or laptop, tablet and mobile phone, without any help from additional WordPress plugins. Previously, we do know plugins like WPtouch which makes your site fit for mobile phones. But such solutions are still somewhat limited because they are built to support one specific device: the mobile phone. Even earlier, we saw that even complete mobile websites were built, mostly by larger companies. The arrival of the responsive themes is the success for anyone to build a website that supports multiple devices.

Short History of Responsive Design

The term of responsive web design has introduced only on a few years recently. Since then, this term has rapidly become a hot topic that is followed by many people in the discussions and the applications. Responsive web design aims to give the users an optimal experience, regardless of the device that they are using. And hopefully, we do it so well that it even applies to future devices.

Responsive is one of the first responsive themes which are available for free on the official website. The theme is very popular and available in many languages. Though the structure of Responsive is quite simple, you can still use it as a simple WordPress theme for videos and images.

WordPress theme for videos

Why Should You Choose a Responsive WordPress Theme for Videos?

Opinions differ widely. The fact is that when you look at the visitors of your video website with a tool like Google Analytics, you’ll see that a lot of users who do not surf with a standard PC or laptop.

About 10% of the site visitors come from mobile devices. By using a responsive WordPress theme for videos, you will not have to be worry much about the way your video website looks.

WordPress theme for videos 1

Where to Find Responsive WordPress Video Themes

So now, you do want to take advantage of this new development? Fortunately, there is a wide range of responsive WordPress theme for videos and images on the market. You can choose the right WordPress theme for videos on the websites of reputable theme providers or marketplaces such as ThemeForest, Mojo Themes and Creative Market.

And here are some examples of responsive WordPress video themes on ThemeForest:

Of course, if you do not want to buy a commercial WordPress theme for videos, you can also choose a free one. The matter is what you do after that. Hope you are successful with your project. Enjoy!

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How Should We Develop Specialty WordPress Themes for Education?

October 20, 2015

Accompany with the popularity of WordPress platform, the number of WordPress themes and plugin also gain considerable fame in the market. The theme purchasers now have various choices for their websites. However, sometimes a general or multipurpose theme will not work for your project. In that case, you need a specialty theme whose design and functionality work together and fit your specific purpose.

There are a lot of different specialty themes for WordPress. But in the scope of this writing, we only take a look at WordPress themes for education. In particular, we will point out a few things you should consider when making specialty WordPress themes for education website. Hopefully it will help you who are new in the theme development.

WordPress Themes for Education 1

How should we build specialty WordPress themes for education?

If you decide to develop a specialty theme for education field, you might want to consider the following things.

Use Actions and Filters to Make Your Education Theme Extendable

Filters and actions are part of the WordPress Plugin API; however, it does not mean that WordPress themes for education website cannot benefit from them. Currently, most of the popular WordPress theme frameworks use filters and actions in order that other developers are able to extend the frameworks. You can also follow their guidelines and make your education theme extendable with those hooks.

Make Your Education Theme Ready for Child Themes

If you want to diversify your theme’s design options, then make it ready for child themes. Build your base education theme and create child themes to provide users with different designs.

Use a PHP Library

If you feel that other WordPress themes for education are able to benefit from a part of your theme’s functionality, you should offer it as a plugin and require your users to install by using a PHP library. Though in most cases, the functionalities of specialty themes cannot be used with any other theme, you should keep in mind that other developers may build themes after you release your specialty theme. So, it is necessary to separate your theme’s functionality from its design.

Some Examples of Specialty WordPress Themes for Education

WordPress Themes for Education

There are many popular specialty WordPress themes for education website on the Internet. And the following are some of them. You can easily find out these WordPress themes for education by visiting ThemeForest marketplace and go for WordPress > Education category.

  • WPLMS – Learning Management System Theme
  • Pekaboo – WordPress Theme for Child Education
  • Academy – Learning Management System Theme
  • Grand College – WordPress Theme for Education
  • University – WordPress Education, Event and Course Theme

If you have any question about this topic, please leave your comments below. Also, share this post with your friends if you like it.

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Guidelines for Choosing a Premium Responsive Video Theme for WordPress

October 19, 2015

Buying a premium responsive video theme for WordPress is usually safer than using a free one. However, that does not mean you cannot still go wrong. To end up with the right premium responsive video sharing theme and not just an expensive mistake, you should follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Picking a Premium Responsive Video Theme for WordPress

Select a video theme whose price stay balance with your actual income. In other words, you should estimate the revenue can be generated through your purchased theme. This is a note for both businesses and freelancers: get the responsive video theme you need and make sure you are generating enough revenue to justify it.

Only purchase the responsive video sharing theme of the most reputable WordPress authors or marketplaces. There are a lot of theme authors out there who do not care about their products’ quality; instead, they just care about sales. Avoid falling for persuasive copy or ads. You should read the purchasers’ reviews and comments, and choose an author/marketplace with a great track record for excellence. Also, you need to check for their business vital signs to ensure that they are active.

Check out the theme author’ support system to ensure that it meets your needs. Every premium responsive video theme comes with the author’s support. However, not all support teams are good enough to satisfy your demands. You should find the one with a good reputation for customer satisfaction. There is nothing worse than waiting around while your support ticket is unnoticed for days.

Choose a responsive video sharing theme that matches your content. In particular, you need to determine which post formats you want to publish on your website, how many columns your site layout will have, whether you need an image slider or not, and many more.

Finally, select a responsive video theme with portability in mind. This is very important. Do not let yourself get trapped by features which cannot be ported to other themes. If you are forced to switch to another theme, then you will encounter a big problem.

Quality Premium Theme Examples

Here are two of popular responsive WordPress video themes in 2015. Just experience their demos and pick the right one or get ideas for your video websites.

True Mag – Responsive WordPress Video Blog Theme

True Mag is a modern and clean WordPress theme for video blog, video portfolio and magazine. This responsive video theme is built with the best practices of UI, UX and SEO. It also comes with great features for videos: Built-in Video Ads plugin, Video Short-codes, Video Auto Play, Front-end Video Submission and Self-hosted Video Support.

Responsive Video Theme

NewsTube – Responsive Magazine Blog & Video Theme

This is a clean and fully responsive theme for blogs, online magazines and video websites. It comes with flexible layouts and extensive Theme Options panel. The responsive video theme also supports videos from popular video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. NewsTube allows you to create great video playlists and channels, as well as your users to submit videos from front-end.

Responsive Video Theme

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Top useful tips to choose a mobile friendly WordPress university theme

October 19, 2015

Smartphones are playing a more and more important role in our everyday life. Approximately one in two adults now owns a smartphone and by 2018, the worldwide smartphone shipments are predicted to reach 1.7 billion.  One of the most significant advantages brought to our life by smartphones is the convenient option to go online thanks to their mobility and capability of connecting to the Internet. Thus, there are a more considerable number of people who access educational websites with their smartphones to acquire knowledge anywhere, any minute.

Because of the upturn in students’ using smartphones, using a university theme WordPress that lets people create a mobile friendly site is of the essence. Below are some tips to follow when selecting such a university theme for WordPress.

Tips to choose a mobile friendly university theme WordPress

University theme WordPress 1

Responsive Layout

The first must-have of an online university WordPress theme to make educational sites mobile-friendly is a responsive design. It helps the sites adapt well to any screen size so site owners are guaranteed that their content will be displayed correctly on smartphones despite the fact that a smartphone has a smaller screen compared to a PC. Moreover, it is obvious that a lot of smartphones now have high-definition displays. Therefore, site owners ought to choose a university theme WordPress that can support such displays to make sure their site look good on high-quality mobile devices.

Optimized for Speed

Besides, in order to create mobile-friendly sites for educational purposes, it is worth considering university theme WordPress that allow sites to load fast. Such themes often provide site owners enough features to run their sites effectively rather than offer a ton of features, many of which will probably never be used. In general, staples of a WordPress theme and three plugins, including a learning management plugin, a translation plugin and an e-commerce plugin, are necessities for an educational site. Additionally, each site owner should think carefully about their purposes to choose a university theme for WordPress with a sufficient number of features.

University theme WordPress

Mobile-friendly Theme Elements

Also, even though the screen sizes of smartphones are becoming larger and larger, they are much smaller in comparison to those of PCs. Thus, users should choose to use a university theme WordPress having features that make it easy for students to complete all task on a small screen. For example, site owners should select themes with fonts that are elegant and legible enough for smartphones’ screen. Besides, themes having big buttons; simple and vertical-layout menus are perfect choices to increase the mobile-friendliness of educational sites.

University theme WordPress 3

High Security

Last but not least, it is necessary for educational site owners to choose themes which are highly protected in order to ensure that their mobile-friendly websites run successfully. There is a lot of personal information stored on smartphones, for example, the credit-card information that students have to provide when buying courses on educational websites. Therefore, site owners have to use a university theme WordPress which are updated regularly and offer safe ways to complete tasks requiring sensitive information. This will protect the smartphone users while accessing their websites.


The tips mentioned above are the fundamental ones to help those who want to get a good university theme WordPress to run their mobile-friendly education sites. Moreover, site owners should consider many other aspects to choose suitable themes that let them create unique and impressive sites.

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How to make WordPress video themes responsive

October 17, 2015

Responsive designs have become a vital part of websites when more users browse websites on smartphones and tablets. Also, Google has considered mobile-friendliness to be one of the standards to rank a site. Under that circumstance, many non-responsive WordPress sites, especially video websites, risk losing their spot in the search ranking. That is the reason why owners need to use responsive video WordPress themes to optimize their sites.

WordPress video themes responsive 2

If you have a video site on WordPress and want to turn it into a responsive one but lack coding knowledge, then this article will help. It is going to guide you how to make WordPress video themes responsive in simple steps.

How to make WordPress video themes responsive

In this article we will take Tenwty Ten theme as example. To make the theme responsive, you need to modify only one file, style.css.

First, put this code at the end of your style.css:

@media only screen and (max-width: 480px) {


This is a conditional styling code which tells the web browser that if the screen size is equal or less than 480px, all the styling parameters should be set in between the brackets. And 480px is the maximum screen size of a smartphone.

For tablets, the conditional code will be:

@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px) {


For the sake of simplicity, in this article we only discuss responsive video WordPress themes for smartphone. Once you master that, making WordPress video themes responsive for tablets will be very easy.

WordPress video themes responsive 1

After typing the conditional code, you put all the following codes in between the brackets.

The first code will set the main frame size of the theme to 400px:

#access .menu-header,, #colophon, #branding, #main, #wrapper, #site-title {



The second code sets the size of main container:

#container {



The container layer width is set to be 100%, which means 100% multiplied by the above layer width. So, it will become 400px as 400px x 100% is still 400px.

The next code will hide the header image of the video theme:

#branding img {



You can also modify the code above to resize the header image:

#branding img {



Here the width is set to 100% meaning 100% multiplied by the above layer width.

And, the following code is to hide or re-positions the blog description:




If you insist that the description must be displayed, then change the code above so it looks like this:




Next, you set the navigation bar size (width) by using:




Then, you need to set the width of the content container:




Also, set the post content layer margin (position):




The code above will make the post content layer positioned 13px to the left.

Next, you hide the sidebar by using this code:




And resize the footer section: </pre>





With the code above you can only resize the main layer of the footer, not its content.

The following one re-positions the WordPress credit text:

#site-generator {




And the last code will set the footer border’s width:

#colophon {



That’s all. Now your theme is responsive. Just practice more and you are able to make your default WordPress video themes responsive without the help of developers.