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How Should We Develop Specialty WordPress Themes for Education?

October 20, 2015

Accompany with the popularity of WordPress platform, the number of WordPress themes and plugin also gain considerable fame in the market. The theme purchasers now have various choices for their websites. However, sometimes a general or multipurpose theme will not work for your project. In that case, you need a specialty theme whose design and functionality work together and fit your specific purpose.

There are a lot of different specialty themes for WordPress. But in the scope of this writing, we only take a look at WordPress themes for education. In particular, we will point out a few things you should consider when making specialty WordPress themes for education website. Hopefully it will help you who are new in the theme development.

WordPress Themes for Education 1

How should we build specialty WordPress themes for education?

If you decide to develop a specialty theme for education field, you might want to consider the following things.

Use Actions and Filters to Make Your Education Theme Extendable

Filters and actions are part of the WordPress Plugin API; however, it does not mean that WordPress themes for education website cannot benefit from them. Currently, most of the popular WordPress theme frameworks use filters and actions in order that other developers are able to extend the frameworks. You can also follow their guidelines and make your education theme extendable with those hooks.

Make Your Education Theme Ready for Child Themes

If you want to diversify your theme’s design options, then make it ready for child themes. Build your base education theme and create child themes to provide users with different designs.

Use a PHP Library

If you feel that other WordPress themes for education are able to benefit from a part of your theme’s functionality, you should offer it as a plugin and require your users to install by using a PHP library. Though in most cases, the functionalities of specialty themes cannot be used with any other theme, you should keep in mind that other developers may build themes after you release your specialty theme. So, it is necessary to separate your theme’s functionality from its design.

Some Examples of Specialty WordPress Themes for Education

WordPress Themes for Education

There are many popular specialty WordPress themes for education website on the Internet. And the following are some of them. You can easily find out these WordPress themes for education by visiting ThemeForest marketplace and go for WordPress > Education category.

  • WPLMS – Learning Management System Theme
  • Pekaboo – WordPress Theme for Child Education
  • Academy – Learning Management System Theme
  • Grand College – WordPress Theme for Education
  • University – WordPress Education, Event and Course Theme

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