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Hide “unnecessary” items from WordPress admin area based on user role

March 27, 2018

If you are finding a way to protect some sections in WordPress admin area, or just you think that there are some items/parts should be invisible for some specific user roles. Adminimize plugin is useful for you.

With Adminimize, you can hide most of the parts in admin area. It supports custom post types. It allows you add your own options using css selector.

The default options

After installing plugin, go to Settings > Adminimize to configure the settings. There are the available parts so you just check the boxes to hide.

  • Admin Bar Back End Options
  • Admin Bar Front End Options
  • Back End Options
  • Global Options
  • Dashboard Options
  • Menu Options
  • Widgets
  • Write Options- Post
  • Write Options- Page


(and other Write Options – custom post type if your theme has the custom post types)

Admin Bar from Backend

Adminimize- backend-admin-bar

Write Options – Course (custom post type)

Your own option

There are some deep parts which is not listed there and you need to add your own options to hide them.

As an example, I would like to make About Yourself section in User > Your Profile invisible for all the user roles. To do that, i added a custom option and name it About Yourself. Then add the css selector to hide exactly those parts. 



Hope this article helps you manage your site better!


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