Build a premium video content blog with VideoVIP wordpress theme

December 6, 2017

VideoVIP – Premium Video Content WordPress Theme – has just been released recently. It’s our third theme in the video-related category, beside VideoPro and TrueMag. It gives you another choice in building video site: simple to use, easy to setup, and complete package (ie. no extra plugins needed). The main idea of VideoVip is for selling Subscription: you have premium videos and users need to subscribe (pay per months or days) to view those content.

Subscrib to unlock

Subscrib to unlock

Why you need this theme when you can upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo and earn $$$ via ads? Well, first, you have full control of your site so you can upload any videos as you want. Second, YouTube and Vimeo do not give you solution to sell premium videos via subscription. Using VideoVIP on a WordPress site of your own, you have full control of your vdeos and setup payment as you want.

Here is how it works. You setup your payment gateway settings (only once when first install). You upload your premium videos and choose Lock to require subscription. Users who want to view Locked Videos need to subscribe to the payment plan. You can have both FREE and PREMIUM videos at the same time.

Easy to setup

VideoVIP supports YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted videos. In general, you should use self-hosted videos (ie. upload your own video file to server) for Premium content. No one wants to pay for videos which they can watch for free from YouTube and Vimeo, right? (or do they?) Anyway, a normal scenario would be: you add free videos (from YouTube, Vimeo or upload your own videos) to build content and generate traffic. After having visitors, add premium videos and turn on subscription. This will be easy in VideoVIP as the package includes a video importer which can import videos from existing YouTube or Vimeo channels.

Locked Video

Locked Video

However, if you already have visitors (such as from your own YouTube channel), you can add only VIP videos on your site. It will be your premium content channel besides your free channels on YouTube. For example, a singer who wants his fan to subscribe and view newest videos can use VideoVIP for sure. Fan will have access to latest videos before other ones.

One more interesting thing in this theme is that, it supports various video player including JW Player, FV FlowPlayer, BZ Player and Elite Player. They have their own advertising network. So if you don’t want to sell subscription, you can also turn on advertising mode. That’s quite flexible, isn’t it?

Payment history

In our imagination, VideoVip is suitable for personal blogging, video bloggers, video producers, and content creators. However, we believe that you have more use-cases to apply to VideoVip. Please share your idea or suggestion so we can improve the theme.


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