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Tips for Marketing Education Theme WordPress

August 14, 2015

Designing and building an education theme for WordPress might be an easy work but marketing that product can be frustrating. The followings are top tips for promoting your education WordPress theme.

1. Free Channels

The best free channel to promote your product is to access WordPress.org and release a free version of the education theme. WordPress Theme Directory will help you introduce the free theme to those who want to upgrade to receive support or advanced features if you offer the product’s professional version. They might take interest in your product so they will look into other items.

Also, you should keep the free theme updated in order to retain users.

education theme WordPress

2. Press Releases

By press releases, I mean contacting the relevant blogs and sites. Craft an email and send it over. Here are some useful tips for your email:

Make it personal, and don’t use the wrong person’s name or site name in the subject!

Don’t use marketing language; write an email in plain English explaining about your product.

education theme wordpress

3. The Dashboard Upsell

If you are introducing a free education WordPress theme, you can have a lot of way to upsell the user to your premium offering. One way is adding information to the setting page to introduce your premium products, or adding some news about your company to a dashboard widget. There are some ways to reach user in dashboard by keeping it tasteful and non-intrusive.

education theme wordpress

The above is Yoast’s SEO plugin settings screen – he is advertising his products and review service.

4. Develop a Newsletter

Build a newsletter before you launch your new education theme for WordPress. There is no better way of introducing your new product and features than in mail box. You should get a holding page up and start tweeting news and updates to get a pre-launch list. This is a great way to build some initial buzz. Then you can keep building the list by having a signup on your site. When someone buys your product, you send an email asking them to join your list.

education theme wordpress

5. Sponsored Reviews

A lot of blogs are offering a paid review service for a few hundred dollars. Therefore, if you don’t take interest in free coverage, you can book sponsored reviews to get some coverage for your education WordPress theme.

education theme wordpress

Another reason why you should choose sponsored reviews is that the post stays there permanently so when you pay for it, you will continue to see leads for the long term as it is picked up by search engines.

6. Be Patient

education theme wordpess

As you know, building sales and awareness of your company might be a slow process so you should be patient.

Building a blog can be one of the slowest types of websites. It takes many years to see the results and it also takes number of years to build a good product. You can reinvest profits back into advertising and marketing to take short cuts.

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