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Video Theme WordPress 2015: Premium or Free?

September 28, 2015

For the past few years, video blogging has emerged as a new favorite trend in blogs and websites. And of course, such a strong web service like WordPress has so far developed various themes, both free and premium ones, as a response to this need. And ever since, there is also an ongoing controversy regarding the choice of one type over another. With this article, we will try to identify whether a free or premium item will make the best video theme WordPress 2015.

Premium WordPress video themes 2015

video theme WordPress 2015 1

TrueMag – one of the most voted WordPress video themes 2015

It is generally believed that the premium themes are always good, as its name is self-evident. However, let’s discover both sides of the premium so that we can have a better overall perspective of it.



Support. Overall speaking, premium video themes are always accompanied by exclusive support from the development team.

Frequent updates.

Unique features. Particularly for video blogging, users all need to be equipped with supporting features to enhance their visitors’ experience.

Customization. Unlike the simply designed free video themes, premium ones offer users a high level of personalization to meet users’ needs and requirements.

Security. Security is usually not the top priority in terms of free themes. However, when themes come with a price, this issue is always covered by the developers to ease their users’ worries.

Budget. It is premium; thus, it comes with a price. This should be a great consideration for any users’ budget for their video blog/magazine. Surely enough, these themes will not fit free vloggers who have no specific commercial target in blogging.

No official review. Premium WordPress video themes are developed by individuals or specific teams. Thus, users should bear in mind that there is no official WordPress repository.

Discontinue. Users should also be informed that they will lose their money in case the author decides to discontinue their product. This is such a huge risk for any investment in a charged video theme.

video theme WordPress 2015 2

deTube used to be among the top video themes on WordPress, but now it’s gone.

Free WordPress video themes 2015

A free-of-charge theme can be a reduced version of a premium theme, or a portfolio-related product of some new authors. Although they are all free, the features, in many cases, can be really impressive. Let’s check out the merits and demerits of these free versions.



FREE! Of course the most prominent advantage is its free-of-charge nature. Especially for those who just try video blog for fun, these free themes are also a genuine present.

By-products. Thanks to its prevalence, the plugins and configuration settings of these free themes are relatively well-developed. Particularly in such a special type as video website, these by-products are priceless in enhancing users’ experience.

Official review. Only the free video themes provided on WordPress Admin are reviewed officially before publication. Thus, a free WordPress video theme must first meet a certain standards to be considered as an accredited free one.

No warranty. Except free themes accessed through WordPress Admin, other ones from unknown sources are highly risky. It is not only the problem of limited support, but also the possibility of leaked information or mal-codes which can have severe impacts on the website.

Infrequent updates.

Less support.

Lack of uniqueness. As a return for their free-of-charge, video themes WordPress 2015 which are free-of-charge are rather simple or even boring in design. Accordingly, the visual experience of free themes is considerably less significant. Besides, users also have little options in the customization or personalization.

video theme WordPress 2015 3

A free video WordPress theme can be not very eye-catching like this.

Closing comments

Either the free or the premium video themes do have both pros and cons. The choice is dependent on users’ particular preferences for their video website/blog. For a professional video magazine, a premium video theme WordPress 2015 will be better-off. In case of an amateur vlogger, just try a free WordPress video theme before making any serious investment. And most importantly, users must carefully reflect on the pros and cons of each type to decide which advantages they want to leverage, and which disadvantages they can trade-off.

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