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Useful tutorials to build WordPress themes for education

October 15, 2015

If you want to build a custom education theme for WordPress with your limited coding knowledge but you do not know where to start from, then this writing will help. The article introduces easy-to-understand tutorials to create a WordPress theme from scratch, which can support you in the first step of developing your own WordPress themes for education.

9 tutorials to build WordPress themes for education

How to Create a WordPress Theme: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress themes for education 1

This series includes 12 parts, starting with a look at structure of a WordPress theme before taking a deep look at the structure of template files. It gives you basic knowledge of creating a theme from scratch, ensuring that your future WordPress themes for education will have clean structure.

How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch

This tutorial was published on Tuts+ a few years ago. It looks at taking a HTML/CSS template and turning it into a functioning WordPress theme and describes the use of each template file with code samples. Just follow it step by step and you are able to develop simple WordPress themes for educational blog.

Designing for WordPress: Complete Series

Another useful instruction is Chris Coyier’s video screencast series.  This instruction takes a live look at developing a WordPress theme, which gives visual insight you do not get from a written guideline.

WordPress Theme Development Training Wheels

This tutorial series of theme development is written by Nur Ahmad Furlong and published on Tuts+. The series takes WordPress newbies who don’t have experience with HTML or PHP code through the basic steps to create a custom WordPress theme for education site.

Building custom WordPress theme

Chapter II of the “Complete WordPress theme guide” series on Web Designer Wall shows you how to create a custom theme. Part I and III cover the installation of WordPress and the way to export WordPress. This tutorial is also applied for the WordPress themes for education.

Developing your first WordPress theme

WordPress themes for education 3

This is another tutorial on Wptuts+. It not only covers the basic knowledge and steps to build a WordPress theme, but also gives you some tips to create a genetic theme to sell or give away. This helps you to save effort, money and time when developing your own WordPress themes for education.

How to Create WordPress Themes from Scratch

It can be considered one of the most extensive tutorial series of WordPress theme development. After reading this series, you may be surprised to know that developing WordPress themes for education is not very hard. The tutorial covers the whole process of building a WordPress theme, from structuring the theme layout, designing it in Photoshop and slicing, coding the layout into fully CSS based HTML to WordPress implementation.

Basics of WordPress theme design

This tutorial from WPShout takes a deep look at each of template files, from basic to advanced ones, and gives a simple description of how it works in “plain” language. It also gives you more knowledge about template tags, making your process of building WordPress themes for education easier.

How to Build a Custom WordPress Theme from Scratch

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The WordPress theme tutorial covers the basics of WordPress theme development and goes through the process that the author used when creating his ‘Sticky’ WordPress theme. Before building your own WordPress theme for education site, just read this example.

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