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The common of SEO friendly education WordPress themes

September 9, 2015

Nowadays, not only shops and businesses but many education organizations also do SEO for your websites. And a significant part of them choose to use WordPress – a SEO friendly platform, in order to manage the website content.

Before doing SEO for your WordPress education website, you need to pick a search engine optimized theme and set up a SEO plugin. However, with so many themes available, it would be hard to know which features are important and which are not. This article shows you the features SEO friendly education WordPress themes need to have. It will help you to select a theme that is as search engine friendly as possible.

The common of SEO friendly education WordPress themes

Responsive Design

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From an SEO standpoint, it is very important for a website to be mobile friendly as this can improve the site’s rank in the search engine results pages and attract more website traffic. And using an education WordPress theme with responsive design is an effective way to ensure your site is mobile friendly.

The number of premium and free responsive education WordPress themes increase everyday. So you can pick such a one with no difficulty.

No Homepage Sliders

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Homepage sliders are a common feature of many popular premium themes available today. However, these content sliders are bad for SEO since they increase the number of H1 headings per page, as opposed to the use of just one H1 heading per page, which is common SEO best practice.

Additionally, while some search engines use site speed as part of their ranking criteria for a website, these sliders can slow down the page. As a result, homepage sliders may have a negative impact on your site’s rank.

Therefore, a SEO optimized WordPress education theme will have no homepage slider or allow you to choose whether to use homepage sliders or not.

Schema.org Markup Integration

Education WordPress themes that make use of schema.org markup can help you optimize your education website and increase the number of site visitors from search engines like Google.

You can use this markup to enable rich snippets for your site, including your school’s photo, links to social media profiles, ratings, address, location, video thumbnails and more.

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The rich snippets helps search engines better understand your content. Also, this information can be displayed on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, making your content look more enticing when shared socially.

You can use a plugin to add rich snippets to your WordPress education site, or select an education WordPress theme which integrate schema.org markup.

SEO Plugin Compatibility

There are a lot of premium and free responsive education WordPress themes which are completely compatible with popular SEO plugins. This allows you to take full advantage of the SEO plugin you use and even enhance its functions.

Hopefully this article can help you to choose a suitable SEO friendly education WordPress theme for your site and get more students as well as sell more courses.

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