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Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_parent_theme_file_path() & get_parent_theme_file_uri()

October 19, 2017


In the progress of product development and customer support (over 18,000 customers around the world), we see that a large number of users and customers encounter the above error, so how to fix them in the simplest and quickest way, please see the instructions below. We believe it will help you in the best way to get rid of that problem.

After you update your themes or plugins, if you see the Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_parent_theme_file_path() & get_parent_theme_file_uri(), don’t worry. This problem occurs when your WordPress is in old version. Those functions are supported by WordPress since version 4.7. You only need to update WordPress to the latest version or minimum from 4.7 to fix the above error.

Now, you can try to update your website and we recommend that you always keep up with the latest versions of WordPress, Plugins & Themes. Make sure they are up to date to keep you get on new features, as well as fix bugs.

Thanks for reading this post. If you feel it interesting and useful, share it to help others get out of the problem quickly.

Have a nice day 🙂

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