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How to select a best WordPress theme for video

August 22, 2015

Selecting a best WordPress theme for video blog is one of the good ways to determine the future of your video-related site. A good theme not only makes a good impression to visitors but also helps your SEO. The structure of your design plays an important role in searching engine optimization. This article will share some useful experience on choosing a theme that is suitable for your videos.

Select a Theme that Matches Your Content

This is obviously the most important one. If you want to pick a best WordPress theme for video blog, then choose one that relates to your content. In particular, if intending to build a simple video, you should choose a generic theme with some video features. However, in order to create an extensive video portfolio you will need a theme that supports more video features. For many bloggers, it’s very simple as they choose a very generic theme and install some free plugins supporting videos. This isn’t a bad option for a starter with low budget.

Pick a Simple and Easy-to-use video WordPress Theme

There are a lot of WordPress themes for video site in the market that has lots of features. It may look beautiful in the display but not be easy for you to customize and manage. One suggestion that you shouldn’t get into a fancy work, instead, you can choose themes with simple design because they are easy to modify.

If you want a theme that has many advanced features, you should get a custom one since this is the only way you can assure functionality.

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An advance solution for video WordPress theme

Check for Browser Compatibility

It is important to make sure that your new WordPresss video theme is compatible with mobile devices and all main browsers, including old browsers like IE8. If you ignore this, it might lead to poor user experience for those who access your site via mobile or a browser which is not supported by the theme.

best WordPress theme for video

Be Aware of the Terms of Service

When looking for a free or premium WordPress theme for video blog, you should be aware of its terms of service. If a free theme requires a lot of backlinks, you move it on.

Remember to follow the term of service to ensure that you are using the video theme in a right way. Also, this shows that you appreciate the works of authors and encourage them to creating more good themes.


You can download a lot of free theme on the Internet. However, we suggest that you look for something that you will get frequent support for. Premium video themes take a one time fee but provide guaranteed support. The following are premium themes you should consider:

  • VideoTouch – Video WordPress Theme
  • deTube – Professional Video WordPress Theme
  • VideoTube – A Responsive Video WordPress Theme
  • True Mag – WordPress Theme for Video and Magazine
  • SOHO – Fullscreen Photo & Video WordPress Theme
  • Snaptube – Premium Video WordPress Theme

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